Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Palomino, Chama, Southern Colorado

Palomino, Chama, southern Colorado. Beautiful boy and gentle soul, in the high country of Colorado. When he wasn’t dozing off, he was yawning out loud. Another great day on a photo trek in in southern Colorado. I’ve spent five days here in the last fourteen. Besides this palomino we also met another gentle soul. A gentle man who shared a little of his life’s story with us. It was a very moving moment and we felt honored that he chose to share it with us. Thanks for looking. G

Palomino, Chama, Colorado

Shepherd On The Range, Southern Colorado

Modern day shepherd on the range in Southern Colorado. Camo snow gear, thick gloves, high tech snow boots, a beautiful palomino and that’s his home on the range in the left rear. The sheep and a few goats look very healthy and winter weather resistant. Temperatures dropped to 14 degrees at 4:30pm yesterday. Today was another cold day in the valley. The shepherd and his sheep were heading north right down the middle of the road. I turned off the engine, sat and watched the show. It’s slow moving but they get there eventually. Thanks for looking. G

Shepherd On The Range, Southern Colorado