Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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San Felipe De Neri, Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque

San Felipe De Neri church in Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque. From several years ago hoofing it around a few Albuquerque locations. This vignette showed up at the start of a week long photo tour/workshop around the four corners region of the Southwest US. Thanks for looking. G

San Felipe De Neri, Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque.

Guadalupe, Home, Servilleta, New Mexico

Guadalupe, painted on a home in Servilleta, New Mexico. On a photo tour last week, in a convoy, on roads less traveled in northern New Mexico. Join us, it works and social distancing is easy in your car and at each location as you’ll want to get a different shot from other photographers anyway. Thanks for looking. G

Guadalupe, home, Servilleta, New Mexico.

Lobatos Bridge, Rio Grande Crossing

Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. This was on my last photo tour, March 11, 2020. It was a beautiful day and a fitting end, for the time being, of what was ramping up to be a busy year for photo tour/workshops. I have wonderful clients and I’ve rescheduled a number of trips with other trips on hold. Pending the outcome of our current situation, I’ll be signing up trips again soon. If you’re considering a tour/workshop for 2021 please get in touch. In the meantime, I have books available, with many of the locations we visit included. Thanks, as always, for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado.