Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Mars, Moon, Night And Day, San Cristobal


Mars, Moon night and day from the deck in San Cristobal New Mexico. This morning I looked out the window, decided I liked what I saw, so I got up and walked across the deck to get this shot of the red planet Mars and our Moon to the west. Below is the scene in the eastern sky yesterday evening. Thanks for looking. G

Mars, Moon night and day San Cristobal

Moon Mars San Cristobal, NM

Moon, Jupiter, Rising, Taos New Mexico


Moon, Jupiter, Rising, in the skies over Taos, New Mexico. Not a bad way to start the day. Up early, watching the celestial bodies traverse the sky into daylight. The Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn along with Antares the red heart of the Scorpion constellation in beautiful unison. A nice cup of tea nearby and a camera in hand, the day tends to go rather well after a start like that. Thanks for looking. G

Moon, Jupiter, Rising, Taos New Mexico