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Happy Summer Solstice, 06-21-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. Happy Summer Solstice from here to where you are. I post the image below every summer solstice since I shot it, on June 20, 2018. I like it! This year it is scheduled to appear in the New Mexico Treasures Calendar, 2024.

The first day of summer arrives with the solstice this year on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 8:58 a.m. MDT.

The solstice isn’t a whole day, it’s a moment.

Here’s a summer solstice “moment” in black and white, shot in Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

Plaza Blanca Summer Solstice Moment
Plaza Blanca Summer Solstice Moment, Abiquiu, NM.

If you want to see what Plaza Blaca looks like on the outside, here’s a shot of rock and cloud formations.

Plaza Blanca rocks and sky, Abiquiu, NM
Plaza Blanca rocks and sky.

Here’s another moment I shot in Plaza Blanca on June 22, 2022.

Summer solstice Plaza Blanca
Plaza Blanca, June 22, 2022.

There’s no place like Chaco Canyon to experience the passing moments of the seasons. Here I am sitting under a picnic ramada with a view of the sacred rock formation, Fajada Butte.

The solar eclipse is coming up later in the year. I’m planning on a trip to Chaco Canyon with the rest of the state. We’ll see what happens with those plans.

As always, thank you for looking. It’s a privilege to share my photography with you. G

Peeling Earth, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

Peeling Earth, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico. The “White Place” in Georgia O’Keeffe country, Abiquiu, New Mexico is a great place to photograph abstract earth forms. As the flash floods recede and the land dries out wonderful formations occur in the arroyos. Thanks for looking. G

Peeling Earth, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

Plaza Blanca Cloud, “The White Place” Abiquiu, New Mexico

Plaza Blanca Cloud, “The White Place” Abiquiu, New Mexico. I put this Plaza Blanca cloud image together today. It’s a large print that I didn’t have time to develop last week when I posted the iPone version on August 7, 2019.  It is now available in three sizes. See below or message me for a quote on custom size and pricing. Thanks for looking. G

Plaza Blanca, "The White Place" Abiquiu, New Mexico

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Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM. Stopped in Plaza Blanca (the “White Place”) today. It was hot and beautiful. The clouds passed overhead and things cooled for a bit but it’s always cool with a slight breeze in the slot canyon. I love this place. Thanks for looking. G

Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM.

Formations In Rock, Geology Of Plaza Blanca

Formations in rock, the geology of Plaza Blanca, Georgia O’Keeffe’s “white place” Abiquiu, NM. Arches, buttresses and spires abound. A veritable, natural cathedral in rock. I can almost hear evening song echoing off the canyon walls. Thanks for looking. G

Formations in rock, geology of Plaza Blanca

Gecko, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu

Gecko Lizard, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu.  I’ve not seen a gecko here before so it was a pleasant  surprise when we spotted him. He was quite a poser and scurried around to a few locations alighting on the top of rocks for his closeup. Thanks for looking. G

Gecko lizard, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca, Georgia O’Keeffe’s “white place”. The apache plume, a native plant, is behaving a lot like an invasive species this year. I hope it takes over the terrain of invasive plants and continues to propagate and populate our landscape. Although there were other, more flamboyant and abundant apache plume bushes, I think this particular plant shows tenacity and hardiness ensconced, as it is, in a rock. Thanks for looking. G

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca

Sunrise Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

Sunrise, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM. The sun creates a sun star as it breaks over a butte in Georgia O’Keeffe’s “White Place” Plaza Blanca, NM. Thanks for looking. G

Sunrise Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

Rock Bush, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

Rock, Bush, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, New Mexico. Flash floods whisk through the narrow slot canyon, down arroyos, through culverts and in to the Rio Chama. This rock stands firm with it’s head dress glowing in the afternoon, winter sunlight. All around, the debris from flash flooding has stripped the bark off the few cottonwoods and deposited brush and rocks in many of the nooks and crannies in the wash. Yesterday was a good day for a walk is this beautiful landscape of New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Rock Bush, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

Rock form, Plaza Blanca

Rock form, Plaza Blanca the white place in Abiquiu, NM. I made this image by mirroring the shot. It looks like the rocks are trying to form from within. Thanks for looking. G

Rock form, Plaza Blanca