Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Arroyo Hondo Pond, Horses, Moon Set


Arroyo Hondo, and horses with this morning’s moon set reflecting in the pond. A beautiful dawn to behold in northern New Mexico. The moon doesn’t know what day, month, year, decades or millennium it is. It surely doesn’t know that this is the last full moon of the decade reflecting in the pond in Arroyo Hondo. I feel sure it’s as impervious to this fact as the horses in the pasture. I’ll say “good night… good morning moon” for a long time to come. Life goes on. Thanks for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo Pond, Horses. Moon Set

Morning Fog Lifting, Escondido NM


Morning fog lifting, on a photo tour in Valle Escondido NM. As often happens on a photo tour, we keep spontaneity out front. Generally we have a route and basic itinerary laid out, but it’s easily modified at any point in time. It can be determined by multiple factors. More often than not, though, the main factor is about how much fun we are having and the quality of images we are making in a particular location. We worked this scene for two hours and got many images in the can. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Fog Lifting, Escondido NM

Autumn Pond, Sangre De Cristos, NM


Autumn Pond in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of New Mexico. On a photo tour today with friend and fellow photographer Mark Collins, we travelled the Enchanted Circle and beyond. What a spectacular drive and scenery with amazing light. Tomorrow we do it all over again in the Valle Vidal. Thanks for looking. G

Autumn Pond in the Sangre De Cristos

Red Canoe Arroyo Hondo


Red Canoe, on the winter pond in Arroyo Hondo. A beautiful warm sunny day in this corner of the planet today. Started out at 19 degrees fahrenheit and climbed to 56 degrees fahrenheit by mid afternoon… at the end of January. Too warm for a jacket. I thought this canoe warmed up this scene, I drive by a few times each week, very nicely. Thanks for looking. G

Red Canoe Arroyo Hondo

Afternoon in Baca Park, Taos NM


Afternoon in Baca Park, Taos NM

Baca Park is a small but vital park – wetlands in Taos. In the past I have photographed Hawks and Kingfishers, Red-winged Blackbirds, Great-tailed Grackles, Mallards, Frogs and Toads. A location in town, with a view of Taos Mountain, it can be a beautiful peaceful environment, and a great place for a morning walk. There is also ample opportunity for some great wildlife and nature images.