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Highway Sky – Smokey Sunset

Highway sky. Heading south in to Taos, NM on highway 522, the sunset casts an eerie twilight glow over the mesa roadway and reflects off the cloud poised over the Sangre de Cristo foothills. The sun setting behind and through the fire smoke, filtering the light from the west, created this effect. I like the look of the image but the smoke in the atmosphere is getting tiresome. Thanks for checking in. G

highway sky sunset

Strawberry Moon Rising

Full “Strawberry Moon” rising over El Salto Peak in the Sangre de Cristos, Taos New Mexico. It got very quiet this evening, a kind of eerie silence as the moon peaked over the ridge. No dog, bird, or coyote sounds, as if the whole neighborhood stood still and paid attention. G

Strawberry Moon rising

Ploughed Fields And Blanca Peak

Ploughed fields in the San Luis Valley. Center pivot irrigator, and beyond spring snow pack on 14,000 foot Blanca Peak along with the Crestone Peaks of the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado.


Cloud Shapes, A Fish

Cloud shapes, and it’s a fish, over the Sangre de Cristo foothills Taos New Mexico. I’m guessing it’s a trout, I don’t know all the members of the trout species, brook, cutthroat, steelhead, lake, rainbow … so I’m going with “an old trout in the clouds.” Thanks for looking. G


Ranch Gate In San Luis, Colorado

A steer skull ranch gate in San Luis, Colorado. I’ve been passing this scene for many years. I finally made an image that I’d seen in my minds eye. I love the way it is suspended, floating against the misty sky creating a surreal feeling. Thanks for looking. G


Sunset Light On Taos Mountain

Sunset light on Taos Mountain. The mountain draws me in and shows me all it’s glory. All I got to do is be present. Thank you for looking. G


Eagle Nest Lake Twilight

Eagle Nest Lake and the town of Eagle Nest at twilight in the beautiful Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico.


The Full Moon Tonight

The full Moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. Rising through the light fog this evening. I enjoyed the simplicity of this scene of the moon and only the moon. It gave a sense of some innate peace in the universe.


Morning Magpies In The Juniper Trees

Morning Magpies in the Juniper trees, San Cristobal, New Mexico. The bright light coming from the west filled in the usually dark Juniper trees adding a somewhat surreal glow and it popped for me, as though I had a very large fill flash lighting this scene.

magpies in the morning juniper tree, san cristobal, new mexico

Fire On The Mountain

Fire On The Mountain. When the sun sets on the mountain it lights a fire in the heart of the viewer. I love the winter light, a time when the days are shorter and the sunlight pierces the end of the day in scenes like this. If you want to see this part of the country at it’s best, join me on a winter photography adventure, for one, two, three days or more. Thanks for looking. G

fire on taos mountain