Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Saint Thomas The Apostle, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Saint Thomas (Santo Tomas) the Apostle Church, in Abiquiu, New Mexico. On the road in Abiquiu yesterday I came across this scene. Always read the small print. I’ll say no more! As always thanks for looking. G

Saint Thomas The Apostle, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Santo Tomas Church, Ojo Sarco, NM

Santo Tomas Church in the  Ojo Sarco Valley, northern New Mexico. Making images of the dilapidated building across the dirt road from this church. We got some welcome relief from the midday sun, under the portal roof, though open to the elements. We enjoyed the weathered, decrepit boards and the spaces between them created by time. Including them in a composition with the church of Santo Tomas seemed logical and adequately portrayed our experience. Thanks for looking. G

Santo Tomas church, Ojo Sarco