Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Shapes

Shapes And Colors, GMC Truck

Shapes and colors, GMC truck, Overland Ranch, Taos New Mexico. Spent sometime here on a photo tour yesterday. I made some cell phone snaps and some abstract studies. I have a notion to return with the big camera and make some extremely large images of small details in the many shapes. I’ve investigated this and numerous other classic trucks and autos, it’s about time to do it. I’m going to check out the harvest moon rise this evening, as I’ve done for many years. Here’s last years image and one from October 7, 2006.  Thanks for looking. G

Shapes and colors, GMC truck

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Window light, shadows, in a downtown Taos store. One light source (sun) reflecting off three car windshields in the parking lot. Thanks for looking. G

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Simplicity In The City, Las Vegas, NM

Simplicity in the city, Las Vegas, NM. This floats my boat. I gravitate to shapes, muted tones  interspersed with occasional organic matter. Here’s an image from a couple of years ago that explains my attraction. Thanks for looking. G

Simplicity In The City, Las Vegas, NM

Looking Down, Downtown, Santa Fe

Looking down, downtown, Santa Fe, NM. Actually this was looking down in the Santa Fe rail yard district. Shapes and colors, in that order, get my attention. Playing like a kid is first and foremost. Thanks for looking. G