Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Snow Storm

Rainbow, Winter Sun Light, San Cristobal Valley

Rainbow in the winter sun light, the first I’ve seen out in the field in San Cristobal this year. Scenes like this usually show up in the summer monsoons. There happened to be a mix of rain, sleet and snow. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Thanks for looking. G

Rainbow, Winter Light, San Cristobal Valley

Snow Storm, Village Of Cerro, New Mexico

Snow storm, in the Village of Cerro, northern New Mexico. On the road to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument one passes through the village, or hamlet, of Cerro. The road meanders through fields, passing homes, farms, a sweet little church and a local cafe. I thought I’d post an image of things to come, in the region, weather wise, over the next few days. Thanks for looking. G

Snow storm, in the Village of Cerro, northern New Mexico.

American Kestrel, Highway Hunting

American Kestrel, highway hunting during the last snow storm. This little creature didn’t let the weather deter it. The weather would be to its advantage and the weather probably didn’t even come into account. This American Kestrel’s nature comes from the same place as the snow. Thanks for looking. G

American Kestrel, Highway Hunting