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Squirrel in the garden on a stone cross, June 01, 2022

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. Coming down from a case of covid, we haven’t been very far in the last week. From our chairs, looking out the living room window, we can watch the immediate world unfold a few feet away on the other side of the glass.

Our cheeky squirrel is back taunting the dogs and looking for birdseed. I removed the birdseed then it took to eating some of the plants instead. We enjoy watching his crazy antics on the fence and climbing on the old Celtic cross we have in the garden. We draw the line at the plants though, and let the dogs out. They can’t catch him but get a little exercise in the chase. The squirrel and our aged dogs seem to enjoy the whole game. I’m sure if the dogs caught up with it, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Here’s a picture from a few years ago when the critter was much younger. Not much has changed including its bold behavior.

Squirrel on a stone cross
Squirrel on a stone cross, San Cristobal, NM
Squirrel on a stone cross, San Cristobal, NM
Saying its prayers, San Cristobal, NM

Getting better and better each day. Things should be back to normal soon, as normal as normal can be.

As always thank you for looking and all the comments and compliments. G

Red Squirrel, Back Garden, Boulder Colorado

Red Squirrel in the back garden, Boulder Colorado. I had the pleasure of watching this bold fellow tearing up and down, leaping between trees, foraging for whatever it was wanting. It was a mesmerizing half hour one Sunday morning looking through the long lens. Thanks for looking. G

Red Squirrel, Back Garden, Boulder Colorado.

Cross Squirrel, San Cristobal, NM

Cross Squirrel, San Cristobal, NM. We have a cast, celtic cross in the garden and a squirrel with a penchant for high places. If he behaves he can use the high perch as often and as long as he likes. But if he keeps eating half the garden … well then … I’ll let the dogs out. Thanks for looking. G

Cross Squirrel, San Cristobal, NM