Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Streets

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, NM

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico. Sense of space is often the attraction, scale another, combined I got this walking around early one morning. Thanks for looking. G

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico.

Bus Bench, Trash Cans, Windows, Farmington, NM

Bus bench, trash cans, windows, Farmington, NM. Drive by shootings of building façades from the highways and byways in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, continued. I do believe that the trash can on the left is for cigarettes and the bus bench is for butts! Sorry I couldn’t resist! Thanks for looking. G

Bus Bench, Trash Cans, Windows, Farmington, NM

Curbside Life, Taos, New Mexico

Curbside life, on a side street in Taos, New Mexico. Depending in which direction you are walking on this street, the sidewalk begins or ends here. The weeds grow where they will. Thanks for looking. G

Curbside life, Taos New Mexico

Downtown Taos Abstract Two

Downtown Taos Two. Liking what I see with my head down … watching where I’m going … inspired. Thanks for looking. G

Downtown Taos Two

Looking Down Town Taos

Looking Down Town. I often find myself continually looking up or out at a landscape, or I remember things like “keep your chin up” or “things are looking up”, or thinking, how my heart feels like it is soaring with the eagle I’m photographing. A few weeks ago during the last rain I wandered around down town Taos, around the plaza and Bent Street, and made a whole series of pictures looking down. I’ll add a few more images over the next few days unless, that is, something spectacular calls my attention upward again. Thanks for looking. G

Looking Down Town Taos