Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Shiprock, Sun Star, Northwestern New Mexico


Shiprock with sun star, northwestern New Mexico. This is a large panorama from a couple of years ago. One of my favorite views in northwestern New Mexico. I was able to line up the sun through a fracture in one of Shiprock’s many black dikes composed of igneous rocks. I would have been there this year too, again, the current situation forced us to postpone a two week photo workshop around the southwest. This down time has enabled me to pull some images I hadn’t yet delved into. You can read more on Shiprock and it’s geology here on Wikipedia. Thanks for looking. G

Shiprock with sun star, northwestern New Mexico.

Red Barn, Hole In The Roof Sunset


Red Barn, hole in the roof sunset, San Luis Valley, Colorado. I haven’t been to visit the red barn in a while, just north of Ute Mountain, there on the left. The wind can be brutal in this area with many bits of the barn scattered around the perimeter. There are more and more openings in this old building, perfectly positioned, for the sun to peer through before setting across the plateau. Thanks for looking. G

Red Barn, hole in the roof sunset.

Aspen Light, Valle Vidal, NM


Aspen Light, Valle Vidal, (valley of life) in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico. When the trees start to turn at this elevation yesterday, (10,000 ft) they’ll go quickly. If you get a chance to make it up there in the coming week, I highly recommend it. Of course there are many other locations nearby that will be peaking very soon too! Thanks for looking. G

Aspen Light, Valle Vidal, NM

Bighorn Sheep, Orilla Verde Recreation Area


Bighorn Sheep, in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. What a fantastic afternoon the the National Monument following a herd of bighorn rams. The double sun stars are created by a rocky protrusion, splitting the sun in two. The bighorn sheep are posing on the ledges that they use to traverse the cliff faces. I was able to line up all the elements to accent the precarious terrain they inhabit. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep, Orilla Verde Recreation Area

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, NM


Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Chaco Canyon, NM. Over the months I’ve spent in Chaco Canyon it has got under my skin. If you’ve been to Chaco you’ll know what I mean. If you have yet to visit this place I think you’ll find it might do the same to you. Pueblo Bonito is the largest of the pueblo houses in Chaco. Thanks for looking. G

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, NM

Sun Star, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona


Sun star, bursts over the rim of Canyon De Chelly, and White House Ruin. Got to get back there again soon to this magical place in Arizona. Stay tuned for more images as I process more from this spring’s trip to the four corners. Here’s a cell phone shot of the canyon wall I posted on that visit just before the sun appeared on the scene. Thanks for looking. G

Sun star, Canyon De Chelly, White House Ruin Arizona