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Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky

Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky. The chapel of Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos Talpa, New Mexico. Thirty five years ago I used to live very near to this chapel and was able to hear the bell ring for various masses and feast days. I heard similar sounding bells in many small European villages. We are not that distant from our cousins, I can hear it in the bells. Tomorrow I’m heading up the high road to Taos. A photo tour trip on the high road was guaranteed at least 6 times a month before Covid 19. Tomorrow will be my first trip on the high road since the first week of March this year. I’m looking forward to slightly cooler temperatures and fresh mountain air. I’ll drop in at this location for old times sake. Thank you for looking. G

Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky

Chapel, Talpa, New Mexico

Chapel of Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos Talpa, New Mexico. Time of day and more importantly the time of year, in this case, helped create the resulting image. At this time of year the sun is almost at it’s most southerly. The sky was overcast and the light on the scene was very diffused when we arrived, on this second day of a three day grand tour. I’d already framed up the three black crosses on the chapel, and as I settled on the final composition the sun emerged momentarily from behind the clouds and the little shadow from the cross on the left popped out. The shadow added a further element to a scene I’d pre-visualized, without any more preparation than just showing up at the location. Always prepared to be amazed … thanks for looking. G


Talpa New Mexico Sunset

Talpa New Mexico Sunset. Sunset at the Church of San Juan de Los Lagos, Talpa, New Mexico. No matter what subject matter juxtaposes the sunset … in New Mexico the sunset enhances any foreground subject. Thanks for looking. G

church of san juan de los lagos talpa sunset

Talpa Chapel Crosses

Talpa Chapel crosses. I used to live a few doors away from this chapel when I first moved to New Mexico. I lived where I could hear the bells toll for mass, feast days, christmas processions and funerals. Over the years I’ve made many images of the church of “San Juan de Los Lagos Talpa” on the High Road to Taos. It is always a pleasure to share this chapel with many guests who always leave with a new reverence for this exquisite little place. Thanks for looking. G


Church Of San Juan De Los Lagos Talpa

The church of San Juan De Los Lagos Talpa, New Mexico. After numerous days on the road in southern Colorado photographing birds of prey and abandoned homesteads we travel close to home and find some simple lines in the afternoon light on a “Sites of Taos” photo tour. Thanks for looking. G

Church San Juan De Los Lagos Talpa, New Mexico