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Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice, San Luis

Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice. Just across the street from yesterday’s mural image, in the “oldest town” in Colorado, is “R and R Market” established 1857 ergo the “oldest shop” in Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice.

Mural, San Luis, Colorado

Mural, San Luis, Colorado. Stopped in to San Luis this morning. The town is reputed to be the “Oldest Town” in Colorado, it says so on a sign! I wont dispute that fact. It was fun to hoof it around the little town, with my friend Larry and make some images. I liked this non-political mural and the shadows from the latilla/coyote fence, constructed from young aspens, juxtaposed with the diagonal field furrows. Thanks for looking. G

Mural, San Luis, Colorado.

Adobe Dish Network, Ocate, NM

Adobe Dish Network, in the historic hamlet of Ocate, NM. I love coming across a mix of the old and new and there’s plenty of it.  One hundred percent New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe Dish Network, Ocate, NM

Staircase To the Top In Santa Fe

Staircase to the top Santa Fe, New Mexico. A lot of times I’m walking down the road and look to my right or left and simply make an image. This one is from a few years ago for a story on ghost tours in Santa Fe. Looks a little spooky, right? Also it looks like it doesn’t go anywhere.

Today I’ve added a new feature to my website called “My Musings” I will be offering these free PDF downloads for your enjoyment, viewing pleasure and inspiration. Please feel free to share with your family and friends or on social media. As always thank you for looking. Geraint.

Staircase To the Top