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Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado. Found this wonderful art installation on a sidewalk during a photo trek to southern Colorado. I went for the direct approach, color, and contrast. I don’t think it had a tune left in it. It sure did liven up the street corner with a loud splash of color though. Happy Summer Solstice and thanks for looking. G


Yellow Brick Wall Trinidad, Colorado

Yellow brick wall, on the road in Trinidad, Colorado. I’m not a friend of yellow, I usually avoid yellow anything, but I like the way it works in this image. I’m looking forward to a five day photo trek around many locations with my good friend and photographer Ron Richardson. We’ll be spending time in northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado and will stop into Trinidad again. If you would like to join me on an extended photo tour/workshop call me for a date that suits you. Thanks for looking. G

Yellow Brick Wall Trinidad, Colorado



RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Trinidad, Colorado

RGB, Red, Green, Blue, “Colt Restaurant” Trinidad, Colorado. I don’t know the history of this sign except that it is parked in the side lot of an antique shop, closed due to boiler trouble. RGB, the colors of Trinidad, a city just over the border from New Mexico in Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Trinidad, Colorado.

Red Yellow, Trinidad, Colorado

Red, yellow, downtown Trinidad, Colorado. Made a trip around the block, a long block, a three hundred mile block! Stopped into the town of Trinidad and made a few images of the local “decor”. It would be easy to fill a few memory cards of images here with all the primary colors including plenty of red and yellow. Thanks for looking. G

Red Yellow, Trinidad, Colorado