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Walkabout, Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

This week I thought I’d revisit some images from Tucumcari, New Mexico. I spent a couple of days there with my friend Ron a few years ago. It might be time for another visit soon. Maybe this winter for a change and to see what might have changed.

I like to shoot a lot of buildings and storefronts head-on. The perspective offers simple shapes and patterns.


Mural, Tucumcari
Steel flag
American Legion building Tucumcari
Eastern Plains Finance building, Tucumcari
Random sculpture, Tucumcari
Sants Fe Railroad boxcar logo, Tucumcari
Church window, Tucumcari
Church of Christ, Tucumcari, NM
Pass through alley in Tucumcari
Sidewalk nature, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Dead End
Window display, Tucumcari, NM
Closed and potted plant store front, Tucumcari, NM
Massey Company, Tucumcari, NM
Smiley face, BNSF, Tucumcari
Random street lights
Dumpster, patina and paint, Tucumcari
Sahara Lounge sign, Tucumcari
La Mesa Motel Santa Rosa, NM
Ford Thunderbird, Tucumcari
Empty sign Santa Rosa, NM
Gas station Santa Rosa NM
Texaco sign Santa Rosa, NM

As always, thank you for looking. G

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, NM

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico. Sense of space is often the attraction, scale another, combined I got this walking around early one morning. Thanks for looking. G

Blue Door, Tucumcari Street, New Mexico.

Tucumcari, Church Window

Tucumcari NM, Church Window, the center window in a photograph I posted a couple of years ago. It struck me that a closer crop had more detail of the varied glass panels, with the broken pane revealing the window in the opposite wall. Thanks for looking. G

Tucumcari NM, Church Window

Bricklaying, New Mexico Style

Bricklaying, New Mexico style. I can’t say whether this is good or bad bricklaying. I’m assuming it is awaiting a finished surface. Who knows? However, it didn’t look out of place in Tucumcari, NM. Thanks for looking. G

Bricklaying New Mexico Style

Tucumcari, Orange With Pots

Tucumcari building facade orange with flower pots. What can I say? This one is from a couple of springs ago. It is a little spring like, but would also pass for Thanksgiving decor. I feel sure the flowers and the wreath will last. Thanks for looking. G

Tucumcari, Orange With Pots

Tucumcari Windows, A Photography Adventure

Tucumcari Windows. Tucumcari, NM. On the road this last spring, my friend and photographer, Ron Richardson and I hit the road for a week in northeastern and central New Mexico to see what we could find. Well, there were more photo opportunities than we could ever imagine. Here is one of the places in Tucumcari we visited, which after we discovered it, we could hardly prevent the creating process from snowballing along. I have five or six dozen compositions and angles from this one location. I particularly like this one, with the balance of three windows and three buttresses; I like how the handrail creates a diagonal intersect in the scene. The window in the center with the broken pane, features prominently in other images I made that day. In this photograph the broken pane is a surprise, revealing the interior view of the far side window. One of the things that impressed me most about the cities, towns and villages we traveled to, is just how amazingly thriving they must have been in their heyday. I think I can take the liberty to speak for both Ron and myself, when I say, that the places we visited on this week long photography adventure were one of many heydays! Thanks for looking. G


Urban Green Space In My World

Urban green space. Many years ago, shortly after I arrived in Taos, a great friend and photographer, no longer with us, made a suggestion to me. “Make pictures of your world around you.” He said.  Then, as if a dismissal, he added. “Do with it as you wish”. I didn’t take to it right away … until I did. Since then, I’ve managed to do just that, creating an expansive body of work. Within that large body of work, there are many projects, studies, and subjects that encompass my everyday observations, musings, fascinations, and documentation, of my travels around ‘my’ world. I haven’t travelled vast distances around the globe, but I have seen so much of the “world in a grain of sand”, a blade of grass, the tiniest bird and largest bird. And… in the eyes of my children I have seen new worlds emerge. I keep on looking, sometimes I see what I’m looking for and other times it presents itself to me.

In Tucumcari, NM this scene caught my eye during an early morning photo stroll. It is a simple scene, lacking all grandeur of a vast landscape or sunset. When I happened upon it, this was a perfect moment in my world. Remembering my friend who inspired and encouraged me to look more and see. Thanks for looking. G


Service Garage And A Chevy Truck

A service garage and a Chevy truck. Sometimes I come across a scene on a casual morning walk before the coffee. In this case we are in Tucumcari on old Route 66 on a five day photo tour. I took an early morning stroll around the block to get the blood flowing and came across this simple scene which then got my creative juices flowing for what would be another fabulous day of image making. After an encounter with a noisy little ankle nipper of a dog, who woke up the neighborhood, incurring the wrath of it’s owner, who compounded the situation further, it was time for breakfast. Then on to another location. Thanks for looking. G

service station and a chevy truck

Pontiac Chieftain Hood Ornament

Pontiac Chieftain Hood Ornament. Twilight at the Blue Swallow Motel, on Route 66, Tucumcari, New Mexico