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Happy Saint David’s Day in Wales. 03-01-23

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM.

It’s March 1st, and in Wales, it is the day they celebrate Saint David’s Day. The wearing of daffodils and leeks. On the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales is a town that boasts the longest place name. In the photo below, you’ll see what stringing a bunch of English words together looks like in Welsh. Yes, I can pronounce it in Welsh, so if you see me out and about, ask me. In Wales, we always had half day off school on Saint David’s Day. Worthy of celebration. Today I’m walking on both feet, watching the clouds drift by the picture window, and hoping the clouds clear for a view of the Jupiter and Venus conjunction this evening. Be sure to check it out in the western sky at twilight.

Saint David's Day, the Longest place name in Wales. 03-01-23 in Wales. Llanfair, gogogoch, Angelsey Wales
Celebrating Saint David’s Day in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

I’m still burrowing in the hard drives and came across the images below, taken around this time of year. They are random, and while I enjoy looking back, I’m looking forward to posting a current photo next week.

Rio Grande, lobatos bridge view south downstream
The Rio Grande, looking downstream from the Lobatos Bridge.

The Conejos River was almost overflowing and partially frozen as it drifted under the old rail bridge near Conejos, Colorado.

Conejos river and rail bridge, Colorado
The Conejos River and rail bridge, Conejos, Colorado.

This Conoco Gas station in Garcia, Colorado, has been closed for many years. Situated on the CO/NM State Line, it was probably a happening place in its heyday. If you are inspired to visit New Mexico this year, I frequent this area on my San Luis Valley photography tour/workshop.

Conoco gas station, Garcia, Colorado
Conoco gas station, Garcia, Colorado.

These buildings are no longer standing and are five years gone already. I remember the day I shot it in San Acacio on my first trip there many years ago. It is a palpable picture for me. I can almost taste the moisture in the air and in my frozen nostrils.

Old House San Acacio, Colorado
Old House and outbuilding, San Acacio, Colorado.

A few miles south of San Acacio is another favorite location, the red barn, this time in black and white with a raptor in flight. Since I shot this image, the hawks now nest in the surrounding cottonwoods, and a great-horned owl has moved into the barn.

Red Barn, Hawk, San Luis valley
My favorite barn, San Luis Valley.

I originally shot this scene in color. Since then, I’ve processed it in black and white, and on a recent trip, I noticed that the overhang has flaked off. So glad I wasn’t under it when it came crashing down. To my knowledge, I haven’t heard if anyone was hurt when it fell.

Piedra Lumbre in black and white
Piedra Lumbre in black and white, Ghost Ranch NM.

Here’s my entry in the Taos artist banner submission, which was accepted, and will hang on a lamp post in the “Taos Is Art” campaign this summer. I hope the banner hangs in a prominent location and is not hidden behind two hanging flower baskets this time. Lyle Wright the model is seen in an 1870’s era Navajo serape. I shot the image for an ongoing ad campaign for Tres Estrellas Design, Taos.

Lyle Wright, Taos Artist Banner entry
Lyle Wright, Taos artist banner submission.

As always, thanks for looking, and a sincere thank you for all the well wishes. Your good thoughts are working. G

Lindisfarne Island Lobster Pots

Lindisfarne Island lobster pots and stone buildings. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland on the northeast coast of  England. When the tide comes in the island is shut off from the mainland twice a day. Spending a night on the island when the tourists have left on their coaches or in their cars, increases the sense of splendid isolation. It gives a slight glimpse into the past, when the inhabitants didn’t rely on tourism, but on fishing, the production of Lindisfarne mead, made by the monks at the abbey on the island, and catering to the pilgrims who traveled over the tidal sands to pay homage to Saint Cuthbert. Thanks for looking. G


Bolton Abbey Yorkshire, England

Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, England.

The doors to the Priory Church of St Mary & St Cuthbert at Bolton Abbey. Entering the abbey church and inspired to look up, I made this image. Flashback to 2004, when I introduced my children to the “old country” and their relatives for the first time. Thanks for looking. G


The Irish Sea

The Irish Sea from the coast of north Wales. I spent a year here in 1974-75 when I ocean kayaked, fished for Mackerel, which meant delicious fish suppers. I spent many hours dreaming on long beach walks. Three years later I walked off a plane in Los Angeles. Thanks for looking. G