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Conjunction, Venus, Jupiter, Valle Caldera

Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter, (not the closest conjunction this week), southwest over the Valle Caldera in the Jemez Mountains. It’s a beautiful sight across the plateau. This evening, Jupiter has descended below Venus, and is cruising to the horizon and million of miles beyond. The scale of things are mind blowing, yet simple. It doesn’t take much to impress me. In the middle of the pasture, clear skies overhead, standing in awe of things, I wonder… I wonder that there can be anything greater than this. Thanks for looking. G

Conjunction, Venus and Jupiter

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains, and the Valle Caldera. Pulled over here this evening to watch the light fade with Venus and Jupiter setting in our trademarked blue, New Mexico sky. Look southwest tomorrow at dusk for another glimpse of this pair before Jupiter drops out of view as it gets closer to the setting sun. Also keep an eye out for a gorgeous young crescent moon. Thanks for looking. G

Venus, Jupiter, Jemez Mountains

Jemez Mountains, Crescent Moon, Jupiter

Jemez Mountains sunset with the Crescent Moon, and the planet Jupiter suspended like a pendulum in the south west skies over the ancient super volcano of the Valle Caldera. Following yesterday’s image, the skies this evening were clear, revealing more than a few celestial bodies. Thanks for looking. G

Jemez Mountains, Crescent Moon, Venus