Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Wall Paint, Patina, Holman, NM

Wall paint, patina on a building in Holman, NM looks like a painting. When I first spotted this, out of the corner of my eye, I thought the little blue and rust colored spots were actual flowers. By the time the lichen and mold creep is finished with it’s work, this wall will be a masterpiece. Thanks for looking. G

Wall painting, patina, Holman, NM.

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees. Dove into the archives today and found this image from 2010. It was taken across the street from where I lived at that time. Stay tuned for more images from the archives as I traipse down memory lane. Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday. For my friends in Florida, be safe and we’ll see you on the other side of the hurricane. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees

Old New Mexico Shattered Wall With Tin

Old New Mexico shattered wall with tin. I’ll always stop for an image like this. Sometimes the whole building is worthy of a shot, more often than not the image is in the details. Abandoned buildings are a magnet for me, where ever I go. I mean, look at that crack, how could I resist. Thanks for looking. G

Old New Mexico Wall With Tin

Wall Abstract Downtown Taos

Random wall abstract design downtown Taos, NM. When we take the occasional stroll around town I’ll make a random image with the iphone. The graffiti paint on the buttress creating a loose grid pattern, caught my eye for this random abstract. Thanks for looking. G

Wall Downtown Taos

Staircase To the Top In Santa Fe

Staircase to the top Santa Fe, New Mexico. A lot of times I’m walking down the road and look to my right or left and simply make an image. This one is from a few years ago for a story on ghost tours in Santa Fe. Looks a little spooky, right? Also it looks like it doesn’t go anywhere.

Today I’ve added a new feature to my website called “My Musings” I will be offering these free PDF downloads for your enjoyment, viewing pleasure and inspiration. Please feel free to share with your family and friends or on social media. As always thank you for looking. Geraint.

Staircase To the Top

Wall Patina, Window Reflections

Wall patina, window reflections. When you see it you just have to make an image of it. It seems to be a work in progress, which might be finished on my next visit, or not! Thanks for looking. G