Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Window

Willow Window Shutters

Willow window shutters. I’ve visited this building in Mora, New Mexico for a long time. I like the simplicity of the composition. I like the break in the shutters and the slight stair stepping of the rock wall. I like the difference between the rock wall and the uniformity of the stucco wall. Thanks for looking. G


Plaza Blanca Window

Plaza Blanca window in Abiquiu, New Mexico. As the erosion occurs the window opening grows larger continually revealing more of the landscape beyond. Eventually the window will be gone, none of the formations will be the same. In the southwest nothing lasts very long except for the beauty, it remains! G


Window and Buttress

Window and Buttress, Taos, NM. Driving, walking, often times not really looking then something catches ones eye. This plain image of blue window trim against the stark grey (brown coat) wall, struck a cord in its simplicity. Thanks for looking. G

window buttress