Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: November 2016

Fog Lifting From The Rio Grande Gorge

Fog lifting from the Rio Grande Gorge. The Rio Grande Rift, is an extraordinary feature of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, in northern New Mexico.

Three Peaks Ranch

When the full “Super Moon” was rising last week over the Sangre de Cristos, this scene was at my back. Always remembering to look behind me it felt like I’d gotten a bonus.

R.C. Gorman’s Wall

R C gorman's wall
One of the routes I take driving home each day, passes R.C. Gorman’s home, north of the town of Taos. In this image I was attracted to the linear elements and the layers.

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Taos Mountain Meadows

taos mountain fall colors

The storm left a rainbow in it’s wake across the fields to the mountain. A great location for sky watching in El Prado, NM.
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Taos Mountain Meadow

Tall grasses taos mountain meadows

In a meadow wide, rolling in the wind, swaying in mind, the mountain’s resolve, carries a thought home.

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Adobe Abode, Taos NM

Adobe abode taos new mexico abandoned building

When driving around looking for images to make, I’ll often find a place to pull over and return to what I saw. On occasion the scene I saw was created by the motion of objects passing more objects. Other times the pre-visualization comes together. I whipped past this scene of abandonment along the roadside. I’ve driven by it many times. It was pouring rain. The window caught my eye first but the muted colors are what appealed to me most. The fabric, the cockeyed rafters made for two whimsical elements, and the warm tones of the grasses added color and softness.
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Super Moon Rising

super moon november 13 2016 west rim rio grande gorge taos new mexico

Super Moon rising over Vallecito Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, east of Taos New Mexico. It certainly looked super!

Super Moon rising over Vallecito Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, east of Taos New Mexico.

This image was made shortly before the image above.

Moon Rise and an Ultralight, San Cristobal, NM

ultralight and moon rise san cristobal new mexico

Rising over the Sangre de Cristo foothills this evening the moon revealed itself as I watched it from the kitchen window. I picked up my camera and wandered outside on to the deck and set up. I could hear the buzz of a small engine aircraft somewhere off in the distance. I trained my lens on the moon … the sight of which made me gasp … then the ultralight trike ascended the ridge revealing itself. I can imagine the view the pilot had of the moon rising this evening. Keep an eye out for the “supermoon” on the evening of November 14, 2016

Cottonwoods, El Prado, NM

storm over the sangre de cristos, taos new mexico

It’s always great to anticipate the potential for making an image. This evening was no exception. The shadows are cast from the setting sun through the trees lining the highway in El Prado, a favorite location of mine. The Columbine, Hondo Wilderness is visible through the clouds.