Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: May 2017

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. A view from the west rim trail looking north upstream on the Rio Grande and the Volcanic Plateau, Taos, New Mexico.


Mountain Storms And Snow

Mountain storms and snow with heavy rains on the Mesa moved in thick and fast today. Tonight, the sky is clear and the almost full moon is shining like a spotlight.


Ranch Gate In San Luis, Colorado

A steer skull ranch gate in San Luis, Colorado. I’ve been passing this scene for many years. I finally made an image that I’d seen in my minds eye. I love the way it is suspended, floating against the misty sky creating a surreal feeling. Thanks for looking. G


Service Garage And A Chevy Truck

A service garage and a Chevy truck. Sometimes I come across a scene on a casual morning walk before the coffee. In this case we are in Tucumcari on old Route 66 on a five day photo tour. I took an early morning stroll around the block to get the blood flowing and came across this simple scene which then got my creative juices flowing for what would be another fabulous day of image making. After an encounter with a noisy little ankle nipper of a dog, who woke up the neighborhood, incurring the wrath of it’s owner, who compounded the situation further, it was time for breakfast. Then on to another location. Thanks for looking. G

service station and a chevy truck

Railroad Spikes, Pins, Bolts And Clamps

A very large pile of railroad spikes, pins, bolts and clamps at the rail yards in Walsenburg, Colorado. It would make a nice jigsaw puzzle.


San Jose Mission, Laguna Pueblo

San Jose, (Saint Joseph) mission church was built in 1699.  The church is built in the early Pueblo style of architecture, and is constructed of field stone, adobe, mortar, and plaster. The interior is adorned with Laguna Pueblo art paintings and stations of the cross. We arrived here yesterday, one of the last stops on a five day photo safari around northern New Mexico. The sun was low in the western sky and the church was shrouded in shadow. At first I blocked the sun behind the cross, that gave me a decent exposure on the building and cross, and worked with what I first had in mind. When I moved the camera slightly and pointed it directly at the sun, it gave me an under exposed image of the building and foreground cross. The resulting image was more satisfying, and also created the sun star that seemed fitting for the location and subject matter. Thanks for looking. G

san Jose mission church laguna pueblo

Pontiac Chieftain Hood Ornament

Pontiac Chieftain Hood Ornament. Twilight at the Blue Swallow Motel, on Route 66, Tucumcari, New Mexico


Church And Shadows, Albuquerque

San Felipe de Neri Church. I love finding views that I haven’t seen before like these balcony shadows  at the Catholic Church on Albuquerque Old Town Plaza.


Sunset Light On Taos Mountain

Sunset light on Taos Mountain. The mountain draws me in and shows me all it’s glory. All I got to do is be present. Thank you for looking. G