Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: June 2017

White House Ruin

White house ruin in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Please indulge me with another posting from southern Colorado. This area intrigues me and draws me back often. This is one in a series of abandoned homesteads in Colorado and northern New Mexico. Thanks for looking. Gwhite_house_san_luis_2974-1671489

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Strawberry Moon Rising

Full “Strawberry Moon” rising over El Salto Peak in the Sangre de Cristos, Taos New Mexico. It got very quiet this evening, a kind of eerie silence as the moon peaked over the ridge. No dog, bird, or coyote sounds, as if the whole neighborhood stood still and paid attention. G

Strawberry Moon rising

Swainson’s Hawk Colorado

Swainson’s Hawk Colorado, giving me the business. About 50 feet up, I got this picture of it looking straight down the barrel of a 300mm lens, the only kind of shooting I like. Thanks for looking. G


Mammatus Clouds, The Rio Grande Gorge

Mammatus clouds (Read More) and sun setting at the Rio Grande Gorge, in Taos County, New Mexico.

After a road trip around the block (about 200 miles) yesterday we arrived back at the high bridge, overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge, and were greeted by this wonderful sight. There were some tourists on the bridge with phones doing their thing. The bachelor heard of bighorn sheep were munching alongside the parking lot. We had our intentions set on a fitting image to end our day trip. I like the way the shape of the clouds mirror the shape where the light and shadows meet on the opposite canyon wall. Thanks for looking. G


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Mesa Road To The Mountains

Mesa road to the mountains under a big southwest sky, Taos, New Mexico. Just after a rain shower moved through the area the scent of wet sage filled the air and all was well with the world. At least that is how it felt standing in this little spot on the mesa looking to the mountains. Thanks for looking. G

Mesa road

Abandoned Potato Bunker

Potato bunker storage in the San Luis valley Colorado. It’s about the shadows and highlights and even with the open rafters the exposed air was moist and cool in the midday sun at this underground bunker. This image was made directly west, behind the homestead in the June 3, image. Finding evidence of the odd few pieces of living room furniture, potential lairs of snakes and other sundry reptiles, allowed us a glimpse into a latter day environment that served more than one generation and perhaps gave shelter to more than one species. Thanks for looking. G

potato bunker

Red-Tailed Hawk Nest Guarding

A Red-tailed Hawk guarding it’s nest gave us quite a display above and beyond. We wanted to get a few photographs of the hawk as it circled over us and for a few go rounds we made some images. It’s wonderful to watch and make images of these amazing aerial acrobats but stress affects us all, so we moved on. Thanks for looking. G

Red tailed Hawk

Little White House On The Plains

Little White House in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Could be the plains, looks like the plains but alas is in one of the most fertile valleys where potatoes are the mainstay crop. The San Luis Valley, Colorado.

What struck me the most about this scene was the walk way leading to the front door. One recurring observation I have, regarding a lot of the abandoned towns and buildings in this area, is how thriving things must have been in the day when folks occupied every last dwelling. And another thought … Approaching this home … I wondered who resided here and how many people had walked up this path to the front door, long before me, and were greeted openly by the occupants.

This day we were greeted by a family of ravens who inhabited an abandoned outbuilding nearby. The new guardians served up a bombardment of unwelcome squawks and  screeches, no doubt their way of letting us know visitors were not wanted. Things change. Thanks for looking. G


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Three New Haircuts, Flash Back, 1985

Three new haircuts in Pasadena, California 1985. And a thought occurs to me.

I’m going through my archives and pulling images that I remember as turning points in my photography career. These three young boys were sitting on a bench outside a barbers shop on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California. As I passed them, they saw that I had cameras with me and asked, “Are you a photographer?” I answered “Yes” to which they responded “Can you take our picture?” Without hesitating I put the camera to my eye and the boy on the right positioned himself closer to the camera and I made the image. It was that synchronous. That’s it!

Having had their haircuts earlier, they were now waiting for their papa who was still in the barber’s chair. I’m sure they were being very patient, as kids sometimes are when parents are taking their time.

These three boys made it easier for me, from then on in my career, to approach people, and allow them to be who they are. In a way… photography can be a metaphor for allowing life to unfold exactly as it is meant to, without any control over the subject or outcome. Thanks for looking. G