“Flower” Moon Rise San Cristobal

“Flower” moon rise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, San Cristobal, NM. Earlier in the day we made a drive through the Moreno Valley where the roads were lined with flags from Eagle Nest to Angel Fire celebrating Memorial Day. We intended to catch the moon rise there, perhaps over the Eagle Nest Lake. We enjoyed the drive and a picnic supper, but instead headed home for a crystal clear view of this “Flower” moon from our deck. Thanks for looking. G

Flower moon rise san cristobal

Here’s a link to the names of other full moon phases.

Bill Fegan, Schuler Theatre, Raton New Mexico

Bill Fegan at the Schuler Theatre in Raton New Mexico. Bill came to the Schuler Theatre in 1963. Last year on a photo tour, we met Bill on the street after breakfast and he invited us to visit him at the historic theatre in downtown Raton. He was very generous with his time and gave a his undivided attention on a tour and regaled us with many stories of the theatre’s past and his own.

Bill had recently returned from France for his ninetieth birthday trip. He is pictured here in the lobby of the Schuler Theatre with a portrait of his younger self. If you get the opportunity to visit Raton, go see Bill at the theatre and enjoy some time in his company. While you’re there pay a visit to the exceptional Raton Museum, you wont be disappointed. Thanks for looking. G

Bill Fegan at the Schuler Theatre

Graduation From Occidental College

Graduation from Occidental College, California.

Please indulge me a slight digression on my photo of the day page today in order to celebrate my daughter Annika’s graduation from Occidental College, California.

Annika received her Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Geology this last weekend in Los Angeles. Starting in November she will pursue her Doctorate in Geology at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are so proud of her and all her hard work. Thank you to all her professors we met at the graduation, Margaret Rusmore, Scott Bogue, Darren Larsen and Chris Oze.

To everyone who has visited my website, purchased work or taken a photo tour over the years, I want to thank you for your support. In doing so, you have also been a part of Annika’s achievements.

To all my family and friends who have been there throughout her upbringing, thank you, thank you.

To my darling wife Pamela, “Thank you so much, my love”. You and I and Annika know what it has taken to get here.

And to Annika, “you are our blessings and our future”. We love you. Papa.

Annika's graduation from occidental college

Chapel And Cross, San Ysidro NM

Chapel and cross, San Ysidro, NM, with Avanyu sea serpent cloud, sailing merrily along in our gorgeous New Mexico skies. Here is an image of an Avanyu petroglyph in the Rio Grande Gorge. If you want to read more about this symbol, visit the links below. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for looking and enjoy. G

Chapel And Cross, San Ysidro NM