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Eagle Nest Lake, Moreno Valley, NM

Eagle Nest Lake, in the Moreno Valley New Mexico. I found this image in the archive from a few years ago. It makes me feel as if it’s normal summer weather here in the mountains of northern NM, with an above average water level in the lake. Looking forward to the monsoons in mid July. Thanks for looking. G

Eagle Nest Lake, in the Moreno Valley

2 thoughts on “Eagle Nest Lake, Moreno Valley, NM”

  1. Geraint – this image is wonderful – helping me relive the day that Roberta Salazar and I went to Eagle Nest Lake! We parked on the slope top, walked down the hill, through the high grass, to the lakes’ edge.

    • Thank you Gale. I may add a couple more images in the next few days from Eagle Nest Lake, weather permitting. I think you’ll like them. G


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