Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: October 2019

White Christmas Elk, Taos Mountain

White Christmas Elk, Taos Mountain. I know it’s halloween, but… christmas decorations already? Tomorrow I anticipate christmas music in the stores and restaurants. Spending time in solitude and inward reflection sits right with my Celtic nature. I have some plans for numerous days in the field with bright mornings and early sunsets. Nights out under the stars with the camera, then back to the hearth to nurse a nice glass single malt. Thanks for looking. G

White Christmas Elk, Taos Mountain

Jemez Mountains, Crescent Moon, Jupiter

Jemez Mountains sunset with the Crescent Moon, and the planet Jupiter suspended like a pendulum in the south west skies over the ancient super volcano of the Valle Caldera. Following yesterday’s image, the skies this evening were clear, revealing more than a few celestial bodies. Thanks for looking. G

Jemez Mountains, Crescent Moon, Venus

Crescent Moon, Taos Volcanic Plateau.

Crescent Moon, setting over the Taos Volcanic Plateau, northern New Mexico. It was very quiet out there as the moon emerged briefly in the space between the clouds. No traffic, no birds, no planes… and then it disappeared into the clouds again. Thanks for looking. G


Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Last Light

Sangre De Cristo Mountains, last light from the Arroyo Hondo Valley, NM. On the drive home this evening we pulled over a few times. When the sun had set, the light levels on the mountains gave “twilight” a whole new meaning. Thanks for looking. G

Sangre De Cristo Mountains, last light

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM. It’s coming again in a couple of days, more snow. This image was from last week, a real pretty snow fall, and crisp clear light. Thanks for looking. G

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM.

White House, Petaca, New Mexico

White House, Petaca, northern New Mexico, on the backroads of rural New Mexico surrounded by miles and miles of piñon pine and juniper hills. As the saying goes, “it’s not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here”. Then we come across this scene. A half block long, white-washed building, in a hamlet where people stop their cars and say “hello” as we make images of the house, shining under a deep blue, only in New Mexico, sky. Thanks for looking. G


El Prado, The Meadows, October Snowfall.

El Prado, (the meadows), yesterday after a significant October snowfall. It’s warming up today and through the weekend but next week temps are going to drop and we’ll feel a good dose of early winter some more. Thanks for looking. G

 El Prado, yesterday after a significant October snowfall.[wp_cart: Taos Mountains Meadow – 4376:price:[Available Sizes|8×15.5 inches $115,115|10.5×18 inches $155,155|15×26 inches $255,255]:end]

Dragonfly, Frozen, First Snow

Dragonfly, first victim, frozen in the first snow and cold temps. I picked it up this very large dragonfly and thawed it out on the hood of the car. I made a few shots with its very impressive face mask resting on folded legs. Then I laid it in the brush by a tree. Thanks for looking. G

Dragonfly, Frozen, in the First Snow

Taos Junction Bridge, Orilla Verde, NM

Taos Junction Bridge, Orilla Verde, in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, NM. Gorgeous evening light at the confluence of the Rio Grande and Rio Pueblo taken from the Taos Junction Bridge, shadow on the right. This is one of my favorite views and locations, that I revisit frequently throughout and over the years.Thanks for looking. G

Taos Junction Bridge, Orilla Verde, NM

Leaf, Fall Color, Highway 38, New Mexico

Leaf, fall color, Highway 38, on the “Enchanted Circle, Scenic Byway” in northern New Mexico. This leaf was lying in the middle of the road, so I picked it up and took a picture. Fall is where you find it. Thanks for looking. G

Leaf, fall color, Highway 38, northern New Mexico.