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Dragonfly, Frozen, First Snow

Dragonfly, first victim, frozen in the first snow and cold temps. I picked it up this very large dragonfly and thawed it out on the hood of the car. I made a few shots with its very impressive face mask resting on folded legs. Then I laid it in the brush by a tree. Thanks for looking. G

Dragonfly, Frozen, in the First Snow

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly, Frozen, First Snow”

    • It was lovely to see the posture it assumed. My son actually found it frozen, and attached to the garden hose. We saved it for later and then made images. Thanks Chris. G

    • Oh no it was totally expired. My son Dylan found it frozen. We saved and I took some photos of it yesterday. Thank you Gale. I hope you are well. G


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