Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: May 2020

Cumbres Pass, Aspen Grove, Spring, Colorado

Cumbres Pass, aspen grove, spring, Colorado. Spring in the Rockies is just a most beautiful time of year. The temps are crisp and cool, the light is pristine and warming moisture surrounds and invigorates me. Thanks for looking. G

Cumbres Pass, aspen grove, spring, Colorado.

Los Ojos, San Jose Church, Brazos Cliffs, NM

Los Ojos, San Jose Church, Brazos Cliffs, NM. Here’s another shot from a drive I made last week. The shadows pass across the valley, a rolling wave of light. The Brazos Cliffs, guardians of the eastern approaches and one of my personal, favorite views in northern New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Los Ojos, San Jose Church, Brazos Cliffs, NM.

Dance Hall, Petaca, New Mexico

Dance Hall (formerly), in Petaca, New Mexico. It is now part of a residence of a sweet lady I met who has a long history here. She also had plenty of time to share that history with me on her way out to put gas in her pickup truck. As you can imagine there’s a lot of history that this 83 year old woman could share. In brief she told me, her family lived close by and that she was grateful for that.  Thanks for looking. G

Dance Hall (formerly), in Petaca, New Mexico.

San Luis Valley Homestead, Colorado

San Luis Valley homestead, Colorado. A former family home on the plateau long ago deserted, currently frequented by scavengers who steal the copper wiring from the power lines and dwelling. The current owner allowed me access to the property but warned me of snakes. Consider me warned! It’s a lovely stop on my San Luis Valley photo tour, to learn the history and make some images, while pondering a bygone era. Thanks for looking. G

San Luis Valley homestead, Colorado

San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico

San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico with center pivot irrigation system, arching over the mountain. When I saw this scene I had a notion that I might be able to line the two up. I positioned my self and waited for the water stream to recycle. I was lucky that San Antonio Mountain (an extinct volcano, reputed the be the largest free standing mountain in the continental US) remained in the sunlight. Thanks for looking and for joining me in the moment. G

San Antonio Mountain, New Mexico

Ute Mountain, Tree, Clouds, Sunset

Ute Mountain, tree, clouds, sunset. Below is one of many images from my afternoon and evening drive yesterday. I was headed to the aspen groves to make some images of green trunks, new growth and rustling new leaves. The area was closed for Elk calving until July 25th. Onward! As is often the case, a carefree attitude is rewarded with sublime moments. Yesterday was a good day for an outing and some fun images like this mountain halo. Stay tuned. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain, tree, clouds, sunset.

Tumbleweed, Fence Posing

Tumbleweed, fence posing. These wispy, feathery tumbleweed fronds are clinging to the elk fence lining the highway. The tumbleweeds are sometimes referred to as mesa street sweepers. They can often be seen frolicking along with appendages such as plastic bags and other trappings. Taken uo and deposited here by the wind and ultimately freed by the wind. This one will be sifted through the fence soon. Thanks for looking. G

Tumbleweed, fence posing.

A Spell In The Shade

A spell in the shade. I like the idea of passing time sitting in the light and shadows as the sun passes over the open roof rafters. This one in the San Luis Valley last year in a root cellar out of the wind. When I look at this image I think of a piano sonata playing, resonating in memory. Thanks for looking. G

A spell in the shade.

Glyphs, Signs, Rio Grande Del Norte

Glyphs, signs, an encrypted language, lines of code? in the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM. I have no clue what, who, or why? It spoke to me so I made an image! Thanks for looking. Be safe out there this weekend. G

Glyphs, signs, an encrypted language in the Rio Grande Del Norte?

Chapel, Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site

Chapel, Santa Cruz de Ojo Caliente, historic site, New Mexico. I often share my thoughts with my clients on religion, it’s core conflict and how to represent the fight between light and darkness in a picture. I include it deliberately in this photo of the Catholic church just around the corner from the Ojo Caliente Spa. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site, New Mexico