Hairy Woodpecker, San Cristobal, NM

Hairy Woodpecker, San Cristobal, NM. Apparently these fellow earth dwellers are destroyers of trees. They have stripped the bark off the limbs on an old growth Juniper tree, making short work of it. Today I noticed they’d enlisted the help of the kids to pitch in as well. Such little buggers. I have to believe there is method in their natural world. Thanks for looking. G

Hairy Woodpecker, San Cristobal, NM

Hairy Woodpecker, San Cristobal, NM.

Mural, San Luis, Colorado

Mural, San Luis, Colorado. Stopped in to San Luis this morning. The town is reputed to be the “Oldest Town” in Colorado, it says so on a sign! I wont dispute that fact. It was fun to hoof it around the little town, with my friend Larry and make some images. I liked this non-political mural and the shadows from the latilla/coyote fence, constructed from young aspens, juxtaposed with the diagonal field furrows. Thanks for looking. G

Mural, San Luis, Colorado.

Storm Cell Moving Through Taos Valley

Storm cell moving through the Taos Valley yesterday. I drove through it but it turned and skimmed by me barely getting the car wet. It formed quickly and moved fast. I heard that it dropped marble-sized hail closer to the foothills. I drove on and made a couple of u-turns to be able to get a better view and far enough away so as to fit the whole cell in the frame. Shortly after this shot the cell broke up. I also heard from some folks that the rain missed them entirely. Personally, I was hoping for a car wash. Multi-tasking while photographing. Thanks for looking. G

Storm cell moving through the valley

Muskrat, Shuree Ponds, Valle Vidal, NM

Muskrat at the Shuree Ponds, in the Valle Vidal, NM. One of the critters from yesterday’s list, masticates it’s meal of pond salad. There was ample opportunity for photographs and video as it made 5 trips to the bottom and back to the log. It was unperturbed by our presence and kept on about the business of eating. At first we thought it was a young beaver, until we saw it’s tail. It worked those claws with dexterity to perfection. Thanks for looking. G

Muskrat, Shuree Ponds, Valle Vidal, NM.


Muskrat at the Shuree Ponds, in the Valle Vidal, NM.

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

Comanche Point, in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest, New Mexico. We went to the mountains yesterday, to the Shuree Ponds in the Valle Vidal. Spent a couple of hours at the ponds with all kinds of birds, Brewers and Red-winged Blackbirds, Mountain Bluebirds, Robins, Pine Siskins, and a couple of Mallards. Fish were jumping, both birds and fish feasting on an abundance of lace winged bugs. There were electric blue, gossamer winged dragonflies flitting around and two muskrats were chomping on pond salad. Temps dropped to 54° F and the fire smoke blowing in from Arizona was mostly nonexistent. Thanks for looking. G

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM

The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

The Diner in Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico. The diner at the junction of US 285 and US 64 is long gone now but, was reputed to have had the best green chili cheese burgers around the region. At least that’s what my meat eating friends told me. I’ll have the green chili in a bowl with the cheese grated on top, hold the meat. If you’re looking for good food in Tres Piedras these days check out the Chili Line Depot. Thanks for looking. G

The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

Tin Roof, Truchas, High Road To Taos, NM

Tin roof, in the village of Truchas on the High Road to Taos, NM, juxtaposed with the mission church belfry. The roof and building are gone, but the church of Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Rosario remains, beautifully intact and restored. Truchas is a regular stop on the High Road to Taos photography tour. The town and it’s surroundings are the filming location for Robert Redford’s movie of the John Nichol’s book, “Milagro Beanfield War.” Thanks for looking. G

Tin roof, Truchas on the High Road to Taos

San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black And White

San Luis Valley, the red barn in black and white with a magnificent sky. Another great day out today, in and around the SLV (as it’s known locally), shooting video for a future project. I’ll let you know how it turns out. When it is done you’ll see it here. Thank you as always for checking in, looking and for all the comments and compliments. G

San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black and White