Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: August 2021

North Clear Creek Falls, By Day, By Night, and in Black and White

Last weekend I spent three days visiting the North Clear Creek Falls in Colorado. I’d gone by the falls many times and for some reason or other, not stopped in to see them. Always on the way to somewhere else, I would scoot right past them. Well, I finally made up for it with my friend, John. We camped for two nights very nearby, intending to do a full moon shoot. Willing to accept the potential for cloudy skies and rain, we headed out, determined to have a good time camping and catching up. It did rain in the early morning hours, but we’d already got the shots.
This is from Wikipedia, and this is from 9News. Be sure to read the part about the Black Swift!

North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado
North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado.
North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado
North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado just after sunset.

North Clear Creek Falls by Moonlight
North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado under full moon light.

North Clear Creek Falls Black and White
North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado in black and white.

Walkabout, Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

This week I thought I’d revisit some images from Tucumcari, New Mexico. I spent a couple of days there with my friend Ron a few years ago. It might be time for another visit soon. Maybe this winter for a change and to see what might have changed.

I like to shoot a lot of buildings and storefronts head-on. The perspective offers simple shapes and patterns.


Mural, Tucumcari
Steel flag
American Legion building Tucumcari
Eastern Plains Finance building, Tucumcari
Random sculpture, Tucumcari
Sants Fe Railroad boxcar logo, Tucumcari
Church window, Tucumcari
Church of Christ, Tucumcari, NM
Pass through alley in Tucumcari
Sidewalk nature, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Dead End
Window display, Tucumcari, NM
Closed and potted plant store front, Tucumcari, NM
Massey Company, Tucumcari, NM
Smiley face, BNSF, Tucumcari
Random street lights
Dumpster, patina and paint, Tucumcari
Sahara Lounge sign, Tucumcari
La Mesa Motel Santa Rosa, NM
Ford Thunderbird, Tucumcari
Empty sign Santa Rosa, NM
Gas station Santa Rosa NM
Texaco sign Santa Rosa, NM

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Mule Deer, Abandoned Homestead, New Print.

The mule deer was on a previous photo tour/workshop into the high country of northern New Mexico. The old homestead in the second image belongs to my friend Harold Anderson of Jaroso, Colorado. I gave the image an old-world charm/glow to create some warmth to the forlorn scene. Over the years, Harold has been very generous with his time and resources for photography subjects on his property. Thank you, Harold. The third image is how a framed and matted print of the Bison with petroglyphs titled “Moving Through Time” would look like hanging. Let me know if you can’t live without it.

Mule Deer, Valle Vidal
Mule deer in the high country of northern New Mexico.

San Luis Valley Homestead
Harolds House, San Luis Valley. Colorado

Bison Petroglyph print "Moving Through Time"
“Moving Through Time”

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Osprey, Fort Union, Bison Petroglyphs, Lightning, Road Tripping

I went to visit the Osprey a couple of times on tours over the last few weeks. This is the mom and three chicks. They are growing healthy and wise. Dad was off in the top of an old cottonwood tree, striking a stately pose and keeping a watchful eye on things. The second image below is a close-up.

Female Osprey and three chicks
Female Osprey (left) and three chicks on a nesting platform, Chama, NM
Osprey and three chicks
Female Osprey with three healthy chicks on a nesting platform, Chama, NM

A photo tour last week took us to Las Vegas, Fort Union National Monument, and Wagon Mound, all stops on the Santa Fe Trail. I’ve been to the fort many times. This time, my client Michael, and I had the place to ourselves. There were some park service employees rebuilding and fortifying the walls. They don’t count. And no rattlesnakes this time either!

Fort Union National Monument, NM
The Mechanics Corral at Fort Union National Monument

I pulled this image of the American Bison a while back. I thought it would make a nice effect to overlay it on a petroglyph panel. The petroglyphs are in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The animals depicted are deer and bighorn sheep.

Bison and Petroglyphs
American Bison overlaid on a petroglyph panel.

We’ve had some fabulous storms during this summer’s monsoon season, and along with it, some incredible lightning shows. Here’s one from the deck a short while ago. I don’t have to go far for a view and dramatic weather. Some of the strikes got so close my hair stood on end. My wife, Pami said I started to glow.

Lightning strikes San Cristobal
Lightning strikes on the ridge, San Cristobal, NM

Join me on a photo tour/workshop and I’ll show you some of my favorite places we visit.

4 Runner, Arroyo Blanco
Parked, while we photograph in Arroyo Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico.

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