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Osprey, Fort Union, Bison Petroglyphs, Lightning, Road Tripping

I went to visit the Osprey a couple of times on tours over the last few weeks. This is the mom and three chicks. They are growing healthy and wise. Dad was off in the top of an old cottonwood tree, striking a stately pose and keeping a watchful eye on things. The second image below is a close-up.

Female Osprey and three chicks
Female Osprey (left) and three chicks on a nesting platform, Chama, NM
Osprey and three chicks
Female Osprey with three healthy chicks on a nesting platform, Chama, NM

A photo tour last week took us to Las Vegas, Fort Union National Monument, and Wagon Mound, all stops on the Santa Fe Trail. I’ve been to the fort many times. This time, my client Michael, and I had the place to ourselves. There were some park service employees rebuilding and fortifying the walls. They don’t count. And no rattlesnakes this time either!

Fort Union National Monument, NM
The Mechanics Corral at Fort Union National Monument

I pulled this image of the American Bison a while back. I thought it would make a nice effect to overlay it on a petroglyph panel. The petroglyphs are in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The animals depicted are deer and bighorn sheep.

Bison and Petroglyphs
American Bison overlaid on a petroglyph panel.

We’ve had some fabulous storms during this summer’s monsoon season, and along with it, some incredible lightning shows. Here’s one from the deck a short while ago. I don’t have to go far for a view and dramatic weather. Some of the strikes got so close my hair stood on end. My wife, Pami said I started to glow.

Lightning strikes San Cristobal
Lightning strikes on the ridge, San Cristobal, NM

Join me on a photo tour/workshop and I’ll show you some of my favorite places we visit.

4 Runner, Arroyo Blanco
Parked, while we photograph in Arroyo Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico.

As always, thank you for looking. G

12 thoughts on “Osprey, Fort Union, Bison Petroglyphs, Lightning, Road Tripping”

  1. Hi Geraint,

    Thank you for this travelogue!!

    I can’t remember if I ever asked if you are familiar with Allan Dutton. I grew up in Phoenix. I’m 68. I attended Phoenix Junior College in early 70s for 3 years whilst working to make pin money. LOL. Junior college is usually a 2 year experience.

    I had Allan Dutton as photo teacher/professor. Later after an aborted effort at a major in horticulture at University of Arizona in Tucson I worked at a camera store in downtown Phoenix. I’ll never forget my introduction to
    ”The Great Stone Tit” book of photo shoots in the boulders somewhere in the southwest of bare(ly) clad larger women that Allan managed to compile. The camera store had copies for sale. I never owned one but may someday choose to seek out a copy on eBay.

    On a lighter note I would love to pursue a jaunt in the high country with you some day. I don’t shoot photos per say now but had a lot of fun in my film and camera days before this iPhone 12 took over my life. I have owned a 620 Kodak camera and a zeiss ikon bellows 120 camera and a yashika 35 mm camera and now even though I haven’t shot film in many years a canon AE 1 program.

    I shot my all time favorite shot of a man I would later take saxophone lessons from at a first night concert here in Concord NH back in the nineties before the whole celebration was cancelled due to a bomb threat. Alas, First Night remains cancelled to this day.

    Anyway, right place at the right time and all the quirky atmospheric conditions came together to create a last picture on the roll of a lifetime or better stated the picture of a lifetime that happened to be the last possible picture as it was the end of the roll of film.

    Look up Richard Gardzina on internet and see his discography. Richard is a very talented musician and I was lucky to meet him after I searched him out to present to him the photo of him that turned out so well that cold damp December 31 so many years ago. Richard was so enamored of the photo I snapped of him that night he asked if he could use it for the cover of his first album called “Play This”.

    I have enjoyed writing to you Geraint. I have been under the weather so to speak for several months now emotionally and am starting to re-emerge into this crazy digital world and being more daring with social media and communication.

    Thank you for your posts. I have fond memories of traveling in New Mexico several times as a child going to visit relatives back east in Buffalo NY and once again in marching band at Phoenix college and a bus trip cross country on my own to visit relatives back east and again popping through NM on a five month odyssey trip with my friend Bruce. I have foggy memories of New Mexico. I think we stayed with friends of Bruce’s and I think it was Santa Fe. Embarrassing that I don’t remember. I think the Phoenix College road trip for the marching band was Roswell.

    Thanks for reading. Fun to dig around in my grey matter for all these memories!!

    • Thank you for sharing your memories, Brian. I’m honored. I’m glad to hear you are coming out of the woods and feeling better. And thank you for following along. G

  2. Having been to Ft Union several times, always came away without a satisfied capture. So thank you for bringing a vision to it… yet again. Brilliant.

  3. Great Ospreys
    Where’s the Indians
    Liked the Bison
    Is that an advert for a four by four looks good
    Thanks Geraint

  4. Love the Ospreys! Great treatment on the Ft. image. I like the way it has that old film feel to it. I can almost see you with a giant wooden camera taking that one. The bison/petroglyph composite is a favorite though. So well done.

    • Thank you so much, Patty. I used to have a couple of 4×5’s and an 8×10 studio camera. Long gone now! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. G


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