Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Adobe Studio, Ladder, Cloud

Adobe studio, ladder, with slight cloud iridescence, just as I found it yesterday during a photo shoot at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site in Taos, New Mexico. If you’re in Taos this summer stop in for a visit. The abundance of history at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site here in northern NM will astound you. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more images to come in the not too distant future. G

Adobe studio, ladder, cloud.

Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

Billboard art, somewhere in New Mexico. Can’t recall where, as there is so much of this in the state. There is an endless supply of material for these kind of photos. So I put together this diptych of images from two separate areas of the billboard. I hope you like it and thanks for looking. G

Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado. Found this wonderful art installation on a sidewalk during a photo trek to southern Colorado. I went for the direct approach, color, and contrast. I don’t think it had a tune left in it. It sure did liven up the street corner with a loud splash of color though. Happy Summer Solstice and thanks for looking. G


Plywood Art Everywhere

Plywood art on boarded up buildings everywhere. I am always able to find the positive in something such as the many old abandoned buildings covered in sheets of plywood, in towns deserted by more than half of the original population. Stay warm and thanks for looking. G

Plywood Art Everywhere


Plywood Art Everywhere

Graffiti Art On the High Road To Taos

Graffiti art in Chamisal on the High Road to Taos. Well, someone’s idea of art. I must admit, the lighting made the colorful graffiti ‘pop’ against the dramatic sky. Thanks for looking. G

Graffiti Art On the High Road To Taos

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico. “My kid could have done that!” … I’m sure some kid did do it. I really like it. I see it every time I pass through the village and it makes me smile. If you are driving through the area, stop in and play a game of skittles while you’re there. Thanks for looking. G

Road Side Art, Carson New Mexico

Santa Fe Gallery Wall

Santa Fe Gallery Wall. I love finding these little vignettes. The space between. Art beyond the walls.


Love Chairs Await, In Crested Butte

Two love chairs await on a side street in Crested Butte Colorado… not sure why you would sit here or love it, the space between doesn’t say much for the proximity of love. Maybe the space between is where love grows. Oh well, here it is!

Love chairs in Crested Butte Colorado