Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

Billboard art, somewhere in New Mexico. Can’t recall where, as there is so much of this in the state. There is an endless supply of material for these kind of photos. So I put together this diptych of images from two separate areas of the billboard. I hope you like it and thanks for looking. G

Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

8 thoughts on “Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

  1. Reminiscent of “The wave” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hukusai. I love the way you see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I will look him up and keep my eyes open for more in this genre. I hope you are well and Wales isn’t too wet and cold. G

  2. We are friends with Tommy Madden and Deb. Tommy introduced me to these photos and they are incredible. Your work is beautiful.

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