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Winter White Aspens, Moreno Valley

Winter white aspens, Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico. We made a drive yesterday (Thanksgiving day) through the Moreno Valley, from Red River, through Bobcat Pass, Eagle Nest to Angel Fire and back home again to San Cristobal. A late picnic lunch of tuna and pickle sandwiches, chips, washed down with “Happy Camper”, a true New Mexico IPA, followed by Pami’s specialty, “pumkin crunch”. It was a good day out. The peace and tranquility was exceptional. The winter down-time beckoned, although the lanky, bone white aspens, sans leaves, stood blatantly assertive, defying winter, in the surrounding forest of pines. At home again, dinner consisted of green chile, chicken stew and more pumpkin crunch followed by a nightcap of whiskey. It was a good evening. Thanks for looking. G


Here’s a link to the same grove a few years ago. Wow … seven years ago actually.

Red Aspen Leaves Under The Tree

Red aspen leaves. I see it there, on the bench under the aspen tree, two leaves together. That’s fall after all. Thanks for looking. G


Mullen And Aspen, Us Hill, NM

Mullen And Aspen, Us Hill, NM. On the High Road to Taos photo workshop today, stopping at all the fall color ‘photo ops’. There are many. This is a field of mullen with asters, flanked by aspen, scrub oak and chamisa.
Thanks for looking. G


Aspen Grove Colorado

Aspen Grove, Colorado. In the rain on the Cumbres Pass today the colors of the aspen groves were glowing through the stark white ghostly tree trunks. Thanks for looking. G


Highway 17, Aspens Turning In Colorado

Highway 17, aspens turning in Colorado. Took a drive today over the Cumbres Pass on Highway 17 to check out the aspen colors. We found many groves turning to shades of yellow, gold and red. There are still many green groves, and then there are many groves that, in the words of the band the Eagles, are “already gone”! Thanks for looking, and if you are in New Mexico, get out there over the next week for some prime colors. G


Golden Aspens Monarch Pass, Colorado

Golden Aspens Monarch Pass, Colorado. On the road today in southern Colorado we came across this grove of golden aspens. We were very surprised to see the tree colors turning… fall is upon us! Thanks for looking. G

Golden Aspens Monarch Pass, Colorado

Aspens Hopewell Lake

Aspens Hopewell Lake. On the trail at Hopewell Lake, sauntering through the forest in the high mountain air. Soft, moist meadow grasses underfoot, aspens, mysterious, beckoning on ward. I can take this, and more of it. Thanks for looking. G


Winter Aspens

I was attracted right away to this scene by the five trees and the four fence posts. I like numbers and spacing as a compositional element. I made this image of the winter aspens near Hopewell Lake in northern NM.

Highway 64 New Mexico

Highway 64 near Hopewell Lake, New Mexico. It was -6°F this morning on the road to Ah-shi-sle-pah for a private two day photography adventure. The cold was too cold to get out. I wound down the window made a quick iPhone image, poured myself another cup of tea and headed off to meet my client. Stay tuned for up coming images from the trip.