Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Snow, Cattle Guard, Osprey, Elk, RV, Road G, Chile Trompe l’oeil

Some shots around the extended neighborhood these last couple of weeks. Still a lot of snow in the high country and a brightly colored cattle guard glowing like Kodachrome® yellow. An Osprey with a half-eaten fish on a fence post in the Chama Valley followed by an elk skull and antlers with a backdrop of San Antonio Mountain and great sky over the Volcanic Plateau. A few days ago we cruised north into the San Luis Valley and found an RV standing alone under a brooding sky and the Road G intersection with Road 7 looking north towards Blanca Peak and south to Ute Mountain. Last but not least on a photo tour/workshop two weeks ago, Chile Trompe l’oeil in Costilla and El Rito, NM. Thanks for checking in and looking and for all the great comments, emails, and compliments. G

High Country Snow fence
High country snow and fence near Hopewell Lake, NM.

Cattle Guard, Kodachrome Yellow
Cattle Guard, thoughts of Kodachrome come to mind.

Osprey Chama NM
Osprey on a fence post with half eaten fish in Chama, NM.

Elk head antlers
Elk head, antlers with San Antonio Mountain in the Taos Volcanic Plateau.

RV, San Luis Valley
RV, San Luis Valley, southern Colorado.

Road G San Luis Valley looking north
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking north to Blanca Peak.

Road G San Luis Valley Ute Mountain
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking south to Ute Mountain.

Blue door with chile Trompe l'oeil in Costilla, NM
Blue door with red chile ristras Trompe l’oeil in Costilla, NM.

Painted Chiles
Painted chiles on El Farolito Restaurant in El Rito, NM

Lake Reflections, Blanca Peak, Colorado

Lake Reflections, Blanca Peak, Colorado. On a photo tour/workshop last week we stopped in here at this location that afforded us this view. Sandhill cranes were foraging in the red willows. There were a couple of dozen seagulls, a blue heron aloft in a cottonwood, and a variety of ducks and geese along the shoreline. Thanks for looking. G

Lake Reflections, Blanca Peak, Colorado

Kiln Sticks, Blanca Sawmill, Colorado

Kiln drying sticks, at the Blanca Sawmill, Colorado. These kiln sticks are part of a kiln drying operation I’ve had the privilege to photograph over the last couple of years. This kiln can dry 200,000 board feet of green 2×4 and 2×6 lumber in 90 hours. The lumber mill supplies studs to the building industry around the west. The lumber comes from the Blanca Ranch on the slopes of the Blanca Massif in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Kiln Sticks, Blanca Sawmill, Colorado

Blanca Massif Southern Colorado

Blanca Peak Massif, with lenticular clouds in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. The day of the winter solstice yielded some incredible imagery over the six hours we toured around the valley on the border of New Mexico and Colorado. We spent ninety precent of the time on nothing but dirt roads. It’s amazing what one finds off the beaten path. Thanks for looking. G

Blanca Peak Massif Southern Colorado

Lake, In The San Luis Valley, Colorado

Lake, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Blanca Peak range, in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of the southern Rockies, makes for a beautiful morning reflection in a small lake in Colorado on a three day photography workshop this week. Thanks for looking. G

Lake, In The San Luis Valley Colorado

Northern Rio Grande, Colorado

From the northern Rio Grande with a view of Blanca Peak Range in the southern Rockies, Colorado.

northern Rio Grande with Blanca Peak Range of the southern Rockies, Colorado.