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Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico

Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico. Another year. I haven’t heard whether the “Classic Car Run” will be held this year or not. But, this thing fits in perfectly with our current conditions. Something of a cross between a hearse and the Grim Reaper’s ultimate ride. Cruela De Ville comes to mind also. Thanks for looking. G

Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico.

1949 Buick Super Eight Bluff, Utah

1949 Buick Super Eight in Bluff, Utah. Nice and wet this morning in Bluff. The rain made the colors, and in this case, the toned image pop. I first photographed this old “three hole” in 1985. It’s fairing nicely. The windows are still intact and the chrome is glowing. Onward to Moab, Arches and Mesa Verde. Thanks for looking. G

1949 Buick Super Eight Bluff, Utah

1958 Ford Fairlane, Taos, NM

“1958 Ford Fairlane, Taos, NM” I’ve been rummaging through old files lately and I’ve enjoyed finding images from the first few years when I began using a digital camera. I posted another image of this car in 2005. It’s moved around from time to time. When I posted the original image I got this response from a viewer.
“I believe what we see here is a Canadian version, as the trim, while similar to the American car,
differs ever so slightly. Do you think they borrowed that rear quarter applique for use on the ’62 Thunderbird?!?”
Thanks for looking. G

1958 ford fairlane