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Venus, Crescent Moon, Rising, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, NM

Venus and a waning crescent Moon rising over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, northern New Mexico. I got out there early this morning, but only as far as the driveway. That’s as far as was needed. The silence was palpable save the crunching snow underfoot, and as is the case it got the coldest right before dawn and the frost built up thick on my tripod. The neighbor’s dog stirred up a couple of other hounds in the ‘hood. Happily, I was done by then and only had to walk a hundred feet to a steaming pot of tea, toast, and marmalade. Thanks for looking. G




American Crow, Cottonwood Tree, Full Beaver Moon

American Crow in the cottonwood tree with the full “Beaver Moon” setting. The wider shot and a cropped close up. I love early mornings in the country. Thanks for looking. G

American Crow, Cottonwood Tree, Full Beaver Moon

American Crow, Cottonwood Tree, Full Beaver Moon

Magpie, Morning, Cottonwood Tree, San Cristobal

Magpie, morning in the old cottonwood tree, San Cristobal. We pretty much have the same view each morning as the birds who warm up and come to life. They have the sun and I have my tea. They can blast off in a hurry and me…? Just one more cup. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie, morning, cottonwood tree, San Cristobal

Bald Eagle, Monte Vista, Colorado

Bald Eagle, Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado. On a “photo safari” in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado this week with my good friend R. David Marks. We may not encounter the big game one might on an African safari, but the excitement of discovering a Bald Eagle, high in an old cottonwood, is no less exciting. Join me on a “photo safari” in our own back yard. Thanks for looking. G

Bald Eagle, Monte Vista NWR, Colorado.

Red-Tailed Hawk, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Red-tailed Hawk, in the old cottonwood in Arroyo Hondo, NM. The guardian of the Hondo Valley, steadfast and true. Shows up daily without fail. Critters beware! Thanks for looking. G

Red-tailed Hawk, Arroyo Hondo, NM.

Red Willows, Cottonwood Tree, Arroyo Hondo

Red willows, cottonwood tree, Arroyo Hondo, NM. In fact, the willows were so hot, I had to back off the reds and yellows that came out of the camera to make them look less cooked! I love it when the soft reds of early winter start turning towards the orange spectrum. They make the countryside feel warmer on these very cold days. Thanks for looking. G

Red Willows, Cottonwood Tree, Arroyo Hondo

Cottonwood, Mountain Sunset

Cottonwood at sunset in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM. A short walk out to the old cottonwood tree and the view was all mine. I got a few shots of the snow capped peaks with an unobstructed view but I like this old cottonwood hanging out in the field. Thanks for looking. G

Cottonwood at sunset in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM.

Lake Shoreline Cottonwood, Colorado

Lake shoreline cottonwood, Colorado. I make pictures, more often than not I make pictures of what catches my eye and resonates with my sensibilities. This cottonwood at Eastdale Lake, appeared to be in easy repose, not fallen and decomposing but alive in it’s new found resting place. Thanks for looking. G

Lake Shoreline Cottonwood, Colorado

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Winter light on Taos Mountain and the juvenile cottonwood, in El Prado, NM

In Taos it is claimed that, “the mountain accepts you or rejects you” those it accepts stay, those it rejects, leave! I believe the mountain embraces all who gaze upon it. The accepting is in the observer who unconditionally embraces what they seek. I have spent 35 years and many hours with the mountain. I have only felt the abundance of life force, in it’s presence, within me. Most of all the mountain is beautiful to gaze upon! Thanks for looking. G

Winter Light Sunset In The Meadows

Red Willow, Cottonwood, Arroyo Hondo

Red willow and a cottonwood on the hill in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. I posted a photo of this same scene on November 1st. The snow fall was a lot heavier yesterday in the image below. In this image the red willows have taken on a luminous glow. The red willows willows are abundant throughout Taos County. Taos Pueblo is the home of the Red Willow People. Come visit! Thanks for looking. G

Red Willow, Cottonwood, Arroyo Hondo