Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Earthshine

Crescent Moon Waxing, Earth Shine, Plateau.

Crescent Moon waxing with “earth shine” just now, setting over the plateau. Stunning beauty. The moon is reflecting light from the earth! Makes sense “earth shine”. I just got in after it set through the reddish, orange haze. Then it got cold. Now for a roast chicken dinner! Thanks for looking. G

Crescent Moon waxing with "earth shine"

Sliver Of A Crescent Moon, San Cristobal

Beautiful sliver of a crescent moon with earthshine tonight, from San Cristobal New Mexico. I love the surprise and flutter in my chest that occurs when I see the crescent moon in the western sky at sunset. I’ve observed it so many times and still it continues to amaze me every time. I hope it does for you too! Thanks for looking. G

sliver of a crescent moon

Here are a couple of images of the crescent moon setting. Enjoy.