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Crescent Moon Waxing, Earth Shine, Plateau.

Crescent Moon waxing with “earth shine” just now, setting over the plateau. Stunning beauty. The moon is reflecting light from the earth! Makes sense “earth shine”. I just got in after it set through the reddish, orange haze. Then it got cold. Now for a roast chicken dinner! Thanks for looking. G

Crescent Moon waxing with "earth shine"

4 thoughts on “Crescent Moon Waxing, Earth Shine, Plateau.”

  1. Sweet. Suggested tag: Taos Sunset. Garlic in that roasted chicken? I was making dinner and missed all but the final minute of last night’s crescent. Tonight, though, camera ready.

    • I knew where to look but it was so faint I didn’t see it at first. Then I drove out to a vista point and waited. Yes there was garlic included it the roast chicken. I hope it’s good viewing for you this evening. I may drive south for a view of Cerro Pedernal. Thanks Larry. G


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