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Snow, Cattle Guard, Osprey, Elk, RV, Road G, Chile Trompe l’oeil

Some shots around the extended neighborhood these last couple of weeks. Still a lot of snow in the high country and a brightly colored cattle guard glowing like Kodachrome® yellow. An Osprey with a half-eaten fish on a fence post in the Chama Valley followed by an elk skull and antlers with a backdrop of San Antonio Mountain and great sky over the Volcanic Plateau. A few days ago we cruised north into the San Luis Valley and found an RV standing alone under a brooding sky and the Road G intersection with Road 7 looking north towards Blanca Peak and south to Ute Mountain. Last but not least on a photo tour/workshop two weeks ago, Chile Trompe l’oeil in Costilla and El Rito, NM. Thanks for checking in and looking and for all the great comments, emails, and compliments. G

High Country Snow fence
High country snow and fence near Hopewell Lake, NM.

Cattle Guard, Kodachrome Yellow
Cattle Guard, thoughts of Kodachrome come to mind.

Osprey Chama NM
Osprey on a fence post with half eaten fish in Chama, NM.

Elk head antlers
Elk head, antlers with San Antonio Mountain in the Taos Volcanic Plateau.

RV, San Luis Valley
RV, San Luis Valley, southern Colorado.

Road G San Luis Valley looking north
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking north to Blanca Peak.

Road G San Luis Valley Ute Mountain
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking south to Ute Mountain.

Blue door with chile Trompe l'oeil in Costilla, NM
Blue door with red chile ristras Trompe l’oeil in Costilla, NM.

Painted Chiles
Painted chiles on El Farolito Restaurant in El Rito, NM

Traffic Halt, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Traffic halt, on the Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. I’m going to stand here for a while (the animal didn’t move for ten minutes) until I’m good and ready to move on. Thanks for looking. G

Traffic halt, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Fall has definitely arrived early this year. I’d lay odds these males are in rut already. Such a wonderful time of year, and hearing the elk’s soulful bugle echoing through the mountains and canyons makes fall even more magical. Thanks for looking. G

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming. Elk are spotlighted on the hillside by the last pocket of sunlight in Yellowstone, Wyoming. Flashback to my trip with my two young children in 2005. In Yellowstone it was so cold, although it doesn’t look like it from this image, we stayed in hotels and lodges. On the way home through Utah we camped for a few nights in Canyonlands. Here’s an expanded view from Canyonlands. Thanks for looking. G

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming

Elk Cows, In The High Country

Elk Cows, in the high country of New Mexico. In the Valle Vidal (Valley of Lifeagain today. We spent the afternoon and evening photographing the high alpine light. Because we stayed out past dinner time, we were fortunate to see so many elk. One bull with two cows emerged from the trees and crossed the road. They stared at us momentarily, then took off into a hillside of pines. Not long after, as twilight descended over the valley, we spotted a dozen cow elks, a number of them pregnant, grazing on the fresh shoots of grass along the creek. These three ladies came down the hillside, herded the others and ushered them into the trees. It was a beautiful drive home. Thanks for looking. G

Elk Cows, In The High Country


Cow Elk Valle Vidal, NM

Cow Elk in the aspens and long grass in Valle Vidal, NM. The day before the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico was closed due to the extreme fire danger, this cow elk emerged from the aspen grove, only to disappear again into the trees. A brief moment indelibly etched in memory. Thanks for looking. G

Cow Elk Valle Vidal, NM