Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Evening Light

Northern Flicker, Evening Light, Cottonwood Tree, San Cristobal

Northern Flicker in the evening light on top of the cottonwood tree, San Cristobal. I know for sure it saw the moon and planets at the same time I did. It had a slightly more elevated view over the rooftops but no closer to the cosmic events. Thanks for looking. G


Mule Deer Family Visit, San Cristobal Valley

Mule Deer family visit the San Cristobal Valley. The dishes get put on hold. Light envelops the valley and surrounds the mule deer family as they graze their way across the meadow. Everything stands still, and we watch. I hope it’s as wondrous where you are. Thanks for looking. G

Mule Deer family visit the San Cristobal Valley.

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming. Elk are spotlighted on the hillside by the last pocket of sunlight in Yellowstone, Wyoming. Flashback to my trip with my two young children in 2005. In Yellowstone it was so cold, although it doesn’t look like it from this image, we stayed in hotels and lodges. On the way home through Utah we camped for a few nights in Canyonlands. Here’s an expanded view from Canyonlands. Thanks for looking. G

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming

Adobe, Light, Fall, Questa, NM

Adobe light, late fall along the roadside in Questa, New Mexico. The many benefits of traveling over the same territory, whether on a photo tour or personal outing, allows me to see the subtle changes that occur season by season or day by day. This evening, I decided to return over the next few of days to watch the light shift hourly on this adobe. I’ll see what I come up with. Questa, New Mexico exudes cultural authenticity. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe, Light, Fall, Questa, NM

Taos Mountain, Early Evening Light In The Meadow

Taos Mountain, early evening light in the meadow. The cattle grazing in the long grass (wishing they were bison). The light and clouds ever changing on the unchanging presence of the mountain, made me pull over this evening on the drive home. In a brief moment later the clouds thinned, the cattle raised their heads and the light drew me on home. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, Early Evening Light In The Meadow

Curbside Life, Taos, New Mexico

Curbside life, on a side street in Taos, New Mexico. Depending in which direction you are walking on this street, the sidewalk begins or ends here. The weeds grow where they will. Thanks for looking. G

Curbside life, Taos New Mexico

San Cristobal Valley Evening Light

San Cristobal Valley. Evening light from the kitchen window enhanced with a fun brushstroke app on the iPhone. The wonders of software and the wonder of the New Mexico landscape and light. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Valley evening light

Winter Tree Light

Winter tree light. Those trees in (El Prado) the meadows just north of Taos, NM. Worthy of a drive almost any day of the week when the sun spot lights the valley like this. It adds a lot of warmth at this cold time of year. Warm is warm even if in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for looking. G

  Winter Tree Light

Night Before And The Morning After

The night before and the morning after. Pulled into our driveway yesterday evening to this beautiful light on the fall color. The image below is this same location in the driveway this morning. Thanks for looking. G

Evening Light

The night before.

Morning Snow on Fall Colors

The morning after.