Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Farm

Aluminum, Tin, Steel

Aluminum, tin, steel on the farm in Jaroso, Colorado. Not a lot to say about this except it popped out of the archives from 2010, I liked the way it looked and the strength of the components. Thanks for looking. G

Aluminum, Tin, Steel

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

Rural dreamcatcher on a farm fence in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Well at least it reminded me of a dreamcatcher. Someone’s whim, to bundle baling twine, knot them on a fence post, encircle it with a wire hoop, leave for some to stumble across and wonder! Thanks for looking. G

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

San Luis Valley Farm, Colorado

San Luis Valley Farm, southern Colorado. The fields are tilled, the hawks are hunting for prey and a mate. The barn, unfortunately, falling into disrepair, is a future roost for the owls, hawks, and winter shelter for cattle. I will have numerous opportunities of subject matter for the next few years to come. Waiting for winter snows. Thanks for looking. G

San Luis Valley Farm, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. When driving around the west, on the lookout for jaw dropping scenes to photograph, and add to the portfolio, sometimes I stop for an image that just happens to be there. In fact, when I look back through the years I find that I stop for a lot of images that “just happen to be there.” Over all the miles I’ve traveled, these images fill in the blanks, and connect the dots on the map I’ve created over the years. Thanks for looking, G.


Ploughed Fields And Blanca Peak

Ploughed fields in the San Luis Valley. Center pivot irrigator, and beyond spring snow pack on 14,000 foot Blanca Peak along with the Crestone Peaks of the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado.


Red Barn And Ute Mountain

Red barn San Luis Valley with Ute Mountain. The barn was very red all over, and now sits there hosting hawks, owls and the occasional photographer, and fading to a wonderful patina fitting of all old barns out there.

red barn san luis valley with ute mountain