Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

Rural dreamcatcher on a farm fence in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Well at least it reminded me of a dreamcatcher. Someone’s whim, to bundle baling twine, knot them on a fence post, encircle it with a wire hoop, leave for some to stumble across and wonder! Thanks for looking. G

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

2 thoughts on “Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico”

  1. I loved this one! A common sight on any Midwestern farm that has hay-burners around.

    I’d call that a Rancher’s Dreamcatcher, Geraint. It’s actually a practical thing. He was probably feeding cattle in that location and hung the loops of twine up so the cows wouldn’t ingest it with their hay. Few things worse than a cow plugged up with baling twine.

    You have a great eye for rural details. I never cease to be amazed!


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