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Carson National Forest Road 437, Garcia Park, NM

Carson National Forest, FR 437, to Garcia Park, New Mexico today. This meadow was going off and creating a golden reflecting light source for the whole area around. It was a special drive on our annual visit to see the colors up high at 9800 + feet above sea level. If you have the opportunity to get out up into the mountains this week, I would highly recommend it. P.S. Look up in the sky tonight for the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in close proximity. Thanks for looking. G

Carson National Forest, FR 437 Garcia Park, New Mexico

Tree Hugging, Tree Style

Tree hugging, tree style in Garcia Park, New Mexico. Every time I go out in nature, I find some new element that makes me smile. Natures ornaments. Thanks for looking. G

Tree Hugging, Tree Style

Aspen Road, Garcia Park

Aspen road, Garcia Park in the Carson National Forest, New Mexico. The backlighting sets the colors off well but there is still plenty of color to come over the next few weeks. Every day will amount to an “aspencade”. We’ll be checking for stands of color “going off” on the hills and mountainside around Taos, northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The red scrub oak is already accenting the valleys and arroyos. Soon it will be the mighty cottonwoods along the Rio Grande and it’s tributaries. Then all we’ll need is the scent of cedar and piñon smoke in the air in order to round out this little bit of perfection. Thanks for looking. G

Aspen Road, Garcia Park

Autumn Rain

Aspens in the autumn rain in Garcia Park, Kit Carson National Forest. A favorite location for viewing fall colors on one of many “aspencades” even in the rain. Thanks for looking. G

aspens garcia park, kit carson national forest

Garcia Park, New Mexico

Garcia Park. Making images in the aspens during their peak in Garcia Park, northern New Mexico. Almost a pilgrimage every year, in the fall, for the past 30 years. Here’s an image from a few days ago in another area of aspens with a few leaves hanging in there! This area is a prime location for a fall photo tour of private photography workshop.

Garcia Park, New Mexico, making images in the aspens.