Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Gates

Iron Gate, Rust, Abandoned Homestead

Iron gate and rust at an abandoned homestead in the San Luis Valley. Every day the decay and deterioration by the elements continues. Derelict structures throughout the valley are bombarded by the sand borne winds. These same winds which helped create the Great Sand Dunes at a northerly corner of the valley. I’m playing with found rusted steel siding again and incorporating it into an image of a gate, that leads to one of the abandoned homes. Perhaps the steel had originally come from this home. Thanks for looking. G

Iron gate, rust, at an abandoned homestead in the San Luis Valley

Field Geometry On The Plateau

Field geometry on the plateau in southern Colorado. I love it when I discover something that was one thing, in this case a gate, which now takes on another form. The beauty of it, there is a life’s worth of new work out there waiting to be found. Thanks for looking. G

Field geometry on the plateau