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Ghost Ranch, Rio Chama, Snow. 10-26-22

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM, and beyond. We went to Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, and the Rio Chama this week. We had the most changeable weather I’ve ever experienced in one eight-hour day.

If you’ve watched the movie Silverado you’ll recognize this location in one of the earlier scenes. The four main characters come galloping across this landscape with a backdrop of spectacular lighting. If you haven’t seen the movie join me on a photo tour/workshop and I’ll take you out this way. On this day we were on an outing with friends Ron and Monica. It snowed, rained, and hailed with intermittent blue skies and sunshine, making for some dramatic images.

Ghost Ranch, NM landscape
Ghost Ranch, NM landscape.
Ghost Ranch, NM landscape
The landscape and light at Ghost Ranch, NM.

Returning home from Ghost Ranch we pulled over for a second time during the day. We watched it snow over the hills and Rio Chama as it winds and decides its way through to Abiquiu. The colors were astounding and the moisture made the air come alive.

Rio Chama Overlook
The Rio Chama overlook with colorful cottonwoods.

My solo exhibition at Bareiss Gallery here in Taos continues through October 31, 2022. The gallery will be open 9 – 2 pm on weekdays. I’ll be there on Saturday, October 29, or by appointment. Come and visit. It will be great to meet you. If you purchased a piece of work in the show, thank you so much and please come by on Sunday, October 30, or Monday, October 31 to pick it up your new acquisition.

Bareiss Gallery is located at:
15 State Rd 150 Taos, NM 

As always thank you for looking. G

On The Road This Week.

Working backward from today, starting with the landscape around Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Ghost Ranch Landscape
The Landscape near Abiquiu, NM.

I made a couple of trips on the high road over the last week. The aspens are doing their utmost to please fall color seekers. The horses performed perfectly, positioning themselves just right.

Horse backs Truchas NM
Horse backs on the High Road to Taos in Truchas, NM.

The forest floors were already full of fallen leaves. There are plenty more to go!

Aspen Leaves, dewdrops
Dewdrops on the fallen aspen leaves.

The skies over New Mexico have performed quite admirably, as they usually do. This place, with the old wooden barn storage shed, is always a pleasing stop on Highway 64.

Wood barn, Highway 64, New Mexico
Wood barn off Highway 64 in northern New Mexico.

My favorite aspen group on the Cumbres Pass, just over the state line in Colorado. This is my go-to barometer for how things are progressing as far as the turning colors go. I’ll be back there tomorrow.

Aspen Copse
Aspen Copse on a hillside, Cumbres Pass, Colorado.

The colors in this image seemed appropriate for the season, on this old tractor parked in a field in Jaroso, Colorado.

Autumn rust patina
Autumn-colored rust patina in Jaroso, Colorado.

As Always, thanks for looking. G

The Valley, The Desert

The valleys are beginning to show signs of green. The desert has water running through it. The light illuminates the many forms and geology of the area.

San Luis Valley tree and clouds
Cloud formations with a complimentary tree.

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
As they say, “a river runs through it” in Ghost Ranch, NM

Arroyo Blanco formations
Many intriguing rock formations in Arroyo Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

I’m never at a loss for places to explore in this area. Thanks for looking. Stay well. G

Ghost Ranch, Spring, New Mexico

Ghost Ranch is Georgia O’Keeffe Country, and spring in New Mexico is a palette of shifting colors and light. Albeit, an image from a couple of years ago, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and an experiment in social distancing and the art of photo touring. Not a stretch, but looking for more ways to share locations in our beautiful state with visiting photographers under our current conditions. Thanks for looking. G

Ghost Ranch, Spring, New Mexico

Orphan Mesa, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Orphan Mesa, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. I could go out there, it’s about an hour and a quarter drive from home, and that would be lovely, but I’m really enjoying my time at home and discovering armchair travel is just fine right now. Hope I still want to go out when all this is over… just kidding! Thanks for looking. G

Orphan Mesa, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico. The landscape out here is mind blowing. It blew Georgia O’Keeffe’s mind and changed her life and many other artists before and after her. It changed my life from the first time I set eyes on this landscape 35 years ago. Thanks for looking. G

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Piedra Lumbre, Ghost Ranch, NM

Piedra Lumbre, the landscape at Ghost Ranch, NM. That’s all… oh! and the sky. Thanks for looking. G

Piedra Lumbre, Ghost Ranch, NM

Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal

Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal. The cabin at Ghost Ranch, (Curly’s Cabin) from the movie “City Slickers” where the door is almost always open and the porch is a cool relief from summer temps. Thanks for looking. G

Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal

Curly’s Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM

Curly’s Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM. Gorgeous skies over Curly’s Cabin used it the movie “City Slickers”. Dropped in Ghost Ranch today. I’ve been here many times but today the clouds were exceptional. The cabin was glowing and the sky was blue, like only in New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Curly's Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM