Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

The valleys are beginning to show signs of green. The desert has water running through it. The light illuminates the many forms and geology of the area.

San Luis Valley tree and clouds
Cloud formations with a complimentary tree.

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
As they say, “a river runs through it” in Ghost Ranch, NM

Arroyo Blanco formations
Many intriguing rock formations in Arroyo Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

I’m never at a loss for places to explore in this area. Thanks for looking. Stay well. G

22 thoughts on “The Valley, The Desert”

    • I’m planning to get out there more often this year. Thank you, Britt. I always enjoy seeing your images in the Dixon Coop and online. G

  1. Very nice Geraint. I grew up in Phoenix but somehow landed in NH 43 years ago to work on a farm-experience was short lived due to the 1 season climate. I enjoyed the travels to interesting places like Sedona in my younger days. Didn’t travelmuch outside the state and what I remember is just names. I worked on a tree farm in Sedona for part of a summer. Owned by a Canadian fellow as I recall Lloyd Tupper. My sister’s father in law was there too and he referred to him as Lord God Tupper.

  2. By the way, my Facebook account was hijacked last week. I hope you haven’t gotten any odd messages or requests from that page. I am working to resolve the problem and reclaim my page. Facebook does not give you much help on this issue. It is a pain in the ass.
    Best to you and Pam, Mark.


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