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The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne on the northeast coast of England. Lobster pots, stone houses with red tiled roofs, a mead distillery, an island cut off from the mainland by the tide twice a day, where tourists abound, except on this blustery grey day. A flashback image to October 2013 on the holy island.  Of course, we didn’t mind missing the crossing as there was always plenty to see and photograph and drink! Thanks for looking. G

The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne

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Lindisfarne Island Lobster Pots

Lindisfarne Island lobster pots and stone buildings. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland on the northeast coast of  England. When the tide comes in the island is shut off from the mainland twice a day. Spending a night on the island when the tourists have left on their coaches or in their cars, increases the sense of splendid isolation. It gives a slight glimpse into the past, when the inhabitants didn’t rely on tourism, but on fishing, the production of Lindisfarne mead, made by the monks at the abbey on the island, and catering to the pilgrims who traveled over the tidal sands to pay homage to Saint Cuthbert. Thanks for looking. G