Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Storm Cell, Rio Grande Gorge Plateau

Storm cell over the Rio Grande Gorge across the volcanic plateau. They move fast and drop a vast amount of water in a very short time. The cell expanded toward me, fully engulfing the little valley and me. I managed to keep the camera covered and dove back into the car out of the rain and lightning. Thanks for looking. G

Storm Cell, across the Rio Grande Gorge

Kestrel Territory On The Plateau

Kestrel territory on the plateau. That same American Kestrel from April 1, 2019. This is its territory, it owns it. The pleasure is all mine to observe and wonder at the beauty of this bird. This photo is the appreciation of the moment I was able to participate in. Thanks for looking. G

Kestrel territory on the plateau.

Fog Bow On The Arroyo Hondo Mesa

Fog bow on the Arroyo Hondo Mesa. I saw the potential for some good morning fog images, I didn’t expect this. As I decided to turn around and head home it began to manifest. You can read more on fog bows or fogbows here. Thanks for looking. G

Fog Bow On The Arroyo Hondo Mesa


Stretch Gate With Snow Melt

Stretch gate with snow melt, at the Taos Pueblo Reservation, on the road to Arroyo Hondo. There will probably be more from this location, down the road, as it’s my version of Monet’s hay stack series. Please indulge me. Yesterday the snow melted and filled the cattle guard. Today, temperatures didn’t rise much above 27 degrees fahrenheit. Thanks for looking. G

Stretch gate with snow melt

Stretch Gate Hondo Mesa, NM

Stretch gate on the Hondo Mesa, Taos NM. Just a slight difference from the last stop here at this location. White out conditions to the north of us this evening. Heading out somewhere tomorrow. Stay tuned for more images. Thanks for looking. G

Stretch Gate Hondo Mesa, NM

Hondo Mesa, Taos Mountains Sunset

Hondo mesa, Taos Mountains sunset. A drive by shooting. Our shadow traveling along on the undulating Hondo mesa with the Taos mountains backdrop. The moment fizzled just as quickly as it began. Thanks for looking. G

Hondo Mesa Taos Mountain Sunset

Mesa Light Ray, Taos, NM

Mesa light ray across the Taos Plateau, New Mexico. Living twenty minutes out of town has it’s advantages. It’s always a stunning drive home heading north out of Taos to San Cristobal. We live in close contact with nature, the elements and the outdoors. It constantly impacts every day, for which I am very grateful. Thanks for looking. G

Mesa Light ray Taos New Mexico

Three Lightning Strikes

Three Lightning Strikes from the Hondo Mesa. We didn’t quite expect this on a drive out this evening. Pami and I headed south a little, to the village of Arroyo Hondo, where I made some images of a very large shaft of sunlight, slashing across the western sky. It was very impressive in itself. But when I got home in front of the computer I saw these shots of three lightning strikes in the sunset rains. There were enough other images for future postings. As always, thanks for looking and taking the time to enjoy my work and posts. G

Three Lightning Strikes

Highway Lightning Strike, Hondo Mesa

Highway lightning strike, on the Hondo Mesa, Taos NM. Right now it feels a bit like Wales on the mesa. This system brought a lot of rain, a real good ground soaking rain. Thanks for looking. G

Highway lightning strike, Hondo Mesa

Hondo Mesa Mega Sunset

Hondo Mesa, Mega Sunset Taos, New Mexico. At this time of year the shows are spectacular. We may get some subtle “quiet” sunsets, which frankly I prefer, for the reason my head doesn’t spin in all directions, as was the case with this sunset. Thanks for looking. G