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American Kestrel, Dragonflies, Color in Madrid and La Cueva, Wild Iris in the Valle Vidal

An American Kestrel juxtaposed with a sign in a drive-by shooting!

American Kestrel
American Kestrel, drive by shooting, Sunshine Valley, NM

It’s the “Summer of Love” in the world of dragonflies (I think they are dragonflies) at the Shuree Ponds in the Valle Vidal, NM. There were thousands of them cavorting with one thing on their minds! Addendum, thanks to my friend Larry, these are Damselflies. There were dragonflies too!

Damselflies at the Shuree Ponds in the Valle Vidal, NM

Damselflies at the Shuree Ponds in the Valle Vidal, NM

Some color on a porch deck in Madrid, NM

Colors in Madrid NM
A splash of color in Madrid, NM

The church of San Rafael in La Cueva with blue sky and the coral tones of Negrita (Desert Globe-mallow).

San Rafael, La Cueva
The church of San Rafael in La Cueva, NM

Last but not least, if you’ll indulge me one more time, wild iris and mountain Golden Pea in a meadow in the Valle Vidal.

Wild Iris, Valle Vidal
Wild iris and mountain Golden Pea in a meadow in the Valle Vidal, NM

As always, thank you for looking. G

Old Cemetery In La Cueva, NM

Grave marker at the old cemetery in La Cueva (the cave), under a stormy New Mexico sky, just across the street from the Salman Raspberry Ranch. Thanks for looking. G

Old cemetery La Cueva new mexico

Shadows, San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico

San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico. Shadows in the light of darkness. We had some good fortune last week while on a photo tour Easter Sunday in La Cueva, NM at the church of San Rafael when a lady pulled up and parked in our shot. Before we had time to get upset and complain, she was already out of her truck and inviting us to see the interior of the church. It turned out to be a fitting moment. The day was forehead reddening hot outside. Inside, the welcoming, cool moistness was palpable. The light through the windows cast shadows on the deep adobe walls. The moment, lasting about ten minutes was a poignant respite for me and my guests from Minnesota. We reflected on the continual fight between light and darkness, at least when religion is involved, before we moved on to the next location. Thanks for looking. G

San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico

Adobe Blue

Adobe blue and crumbling bricks La Cueva (the Cave), NM. I love finding that single element at a location which catches my eye and holds my attention and begs me to explore the scene further. Later, I find myself staring at the picture again, long after I’ve made the image, when I acknowledge the original appreciation I felt, when I clicked the shutter, when the moment came alive. Thank you for looking and your appreciation. G

Adobe Blue

In The Shadow Of The Sun

In the shadow of the sun at San Rafael, La Cueva, NM. Today’s photo is from the rear side of the church in yesterday’s photo of the day. I thought I would complete the experience we encountered in this beautiful location. I could post the third photo from that day of a Prairie Rattler, near this spot, that warned me to be aware, but you can see that image here on Facebook. Thanks for looking. G

Shadow San Rafael Church La Cueva NM

San Rafael La Cueva New Mexico

San Rafael La Cueva New Mexico. Pulled up at the church to the thrill of the reflection in a storm puddle. The standing water has always been there after the rains but the grass was so long and it was merely a swampy mess. On this trip the grass was mown and the reflection almost resembled glass. Thanks for looking. G


Hollyhocks At The Salman Ranch Store

Hollyhocks at the Salman Raspberry Ranch Store, La Cueva, New Mexico. The color makes them look almost delicious enough to eat, like the raspberry chocolate they sell in the store just over my shoulder. Yes… we purchased some raspberry fudge, it didn’t make it home. Later, when reviewing the image, I thought they looked as if they were ponying up the bar! Thanks for looking. G


San Rafael, La Cueva, NM

San Rafael, La Cueva, NM. The church of San Rafael in La Cueva New Mexico. We took a drive today through the mountains to Mora and beyond. Gorgeous clouds, light, color and buckets of rain. The return trip through the Moreno Valley, Eagle Nest and Red River was capped of with heavy sky, thunder and lightning, and torrential sideways rain. Thanks for looking. G


The Old Mill Door Patina

Patina on the old mill door. I made this image a number of years ago. I find great pleasure in spending some quality time, with a good beer or a nice glass of whiskey, browsing the hard drives, revisiting images I passed over on first viewing. Sometimes I throw a virtual dart in the form of a four digit suffix (the original image number from the camera), in this case “1191” to see what reveals itself. Yesterday this old door attracted my attention, so here it is. This door belongs to the old mill in La Cueva, New Mexico.